Sunday, February 17, 2019

Grow Something

As you can see, I am quite ready to grow things.  I really shouldn't start any plants until mid-March though so this week I just bought some seeds.  These come out of the food budget as produce food.  Flowers come out of the house fund.  This year I want to grow more cucumbers since I had such good luck last year with only one plant and we go through cucumbers like crazy here, both of us love them.  The last few years we have gone to Europe in the Spring so I didn't grow from seed, waited and bought plants from the nursery.  I will buy tomato plants as they always seem to do better than when I grow from seed but I will try to grow some cucumber plants.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Live Every Day - Even The Snowy Ones

So we got a couple of more snowstorms since my last post - 1.5 foot of snow on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  All schools were shut and also the college on Monday and Tuesday.  Both days we shoveled out and managed to do our errands.  When you live in a place that mostly has rainy winters when it snows it comes to a standstill.  People are deathly afraid to go out in it.  The temperature was only a few degrees below freezing and yet people stay home.  People who come from snowy climates like Alberta think we are crazy.  I am starting to agree.  Others have to go to work when it is minus 30 degrees celcius across the rest of Canada.  Why not get to work after you've shoveled your driveway?  Winter/snow ice tires should be mandatory this time of year down in the valley other than just the mountains but they are not.  Anyway, a bit of a rant but I am kind of tired of the entire place shutting down when it snows.  

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Good Health Is Wealth

Today I feel 90% back to health.  This week I finished chiropractic treatment from our accident in October, my foot is now almost fully healed and other than a very mild cough at night the flu/cold is gone.  Good health is priceless.  You can have all the money in the world but if you don't have your health you have nothing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Freebie Mandarins - Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year.  Yesterday I took Mom grocery shopping and we both walked away with free mandarin oranges thanks to the Scanning Code of Practice.  This is a voluntary program for Canadian retail stores that use scanning codes - if the price charged is higher than the price listed by the product then you don't just get the price corrected, you get it for free (max 1 item or $10).
 In this case I had a feeling we were going to be overcharged as there were 2 different bins of mandarins with different prices.  I am trying to check every single grocery receipt this year before I leave the store due to so many errors last year found afterwards at home.  The produce manager was nearby so I let him know and then we went to customer service for our adjustments.  I didn't know the SCOP applied to produce but apparently at Loblaws it does, in this case, it was a Superstore.  Not all stores participate in this program, you have to ask at each store to see if they do - but it is in their best interest to do so, they immediately become aware of mispricing and can correct the issue to prevent further customer service issues.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

On The Mend

The dreaded airline plague has gripped our house for the last few days.  We are always in fear of picking up germs while flying, I worry about it every time hubby has to go somewhere for business.  He has both asthma and allergies so any little bug that latches on to him makes his life miserable.  This time he got it on Tuesday.....gave it to me on Thursday.  I have no asthma nor allergies so my body seems to be able to fight the crap off faster.  We both took an actual sick day (possibly our first ever) yesterday cancelling all appointments and spending the day resting.
This is what $41.91 looks like in Canada

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Our New Happy Place - Zihuatanejo Mexico!

We are back a couple of days now from our 9 day trip to Mexico.  It was a hot sunny stretch of 30 degrees and sunshine every single day.  It took a couple of days to acclimatize but this was one vacation where we just decompressed and relaxed from the day to day stress of our busy lives.  Usually it takes hubby at least 3 days to destress, this time he was relaxing almost immediately - Mexico does that for us.  I have visited Mexico about 20 times and hubby at least 10, we both love it.  We have however found our new favorite town which is Zihuatanejo.

First though we spent four days in Ixtapa which was a town created by Mexico tourism in the 1970s specifically for tourists.  As a result there is little true Mexican character and just a bunch of large hotels.  What I didn't know before we went is that the waves in Ixtapa are extremely high as in 3-5 feet most of the year and due to that nearly impossible to swim in that area, even though there are some really nice beaches.  We still managed to enjoy ourselves but our trip really got enjoyable when we switched hotels to our beachside hotel in Zihuatanejo which is a true fishing village with known history back to the 1400s.  The bay is also protected so the public beaches are nice and safe for swimming.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

White Stuff - It Snowed and Left Edition

Hubby left for a five day business trip on Monday.  On Tuesday morning we got our first snow of the winter, all 3/4 of a foot of it!  These were taken about 5 hours after it started.  Many people don't shovel snow here thinking it will just melt but after last winter when our snow stayed for weeks and those who didn't shovel had it set up like cement that was unshovelable we made a commitment that every time it snows we are shoveling.  Of course, it would have been a lot easier with two of us but I can manage.  If we still lived in Alberta it would have taken about half an hour to shovel our wsidewalks and driveway.  The snow there is way lighter as has less water content as the climate is so much drier in winter.  The snow here weighs a ton.  It took me an hour and a half. By the time I finished there were two more inches on the driveway which I shoveled off quickly again.  Two snow plows came by in that time - both leaving big piles at the end of the driveway which I then had to shovel out. I appreciate their hard work but seriously, once would have been enough.  

Sunday, January 6, 2019

12 More Sleeps!

Zihuatanejo Mexico (borrowed pic)
Only 12 more sleeps until we jet off to sunny warm Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo Mexico!  This time of year is windy, rainy and dreary here on Vancouver Island so this is a perfect time to take off for 8 nights of rest and relaxation. I've checked the weather and it is supposed to be a low at night of 23 and high of 32 degrees celcius the entire time we are gone.   I have started gathering items to pack so that I don't forget anything.  We pack much lighter than we used to but it still requires some planning.  We will check 1 piece of luggage between the two of us this trip for $30 each direction as have too many lotions/liquids to go carry on only.  We have decided however to not do advance seat selection.  Odds are the computer will assign us seats together (Westjet automatically assigns your seats 24 hours out if you have not paid for seat selection).  Absolute worst case scenario we will not be sitting together but since we both travel a lot and can occupy ourselves this is not the end of the world.  We are saving $120 by doing this - money much better spent on meals out in Mexico in my opinion.  I usually only ever pay for seat selection on those airlines that might overbook the aircraft (Air Canada is our least favorite airline for doing this).  Westjet does not overbook, has never done so since they started 20 years ago - that is one of their policies I love and count on. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cheap Thrills

Cheap post-Christmas grocery shopping.  A 3 lb bag of clementine oranges $1.44.  They were blowing them out of my favorite grocery store yesterday because some of them were going off.  In my bag there was one partially squished one and one that was obviously overdue - so I brought them home, picked out the rest of the good ones and washed the rest off.   I ended up with 16 clementines for .9 cents a piece - excellent year end bargain!  I've eaten two since yesterday already and they are not rotten - very tasty.  I also bought a perfectly ripe pineapple  for .94 cents!  I chopped that up already before this picture so it would be easier to consume.  Usually when you buy a pineapple in Canada you pay $4-6 and have to wait a month for it to be ripe enough to eat.

Friday, December 21, 2018

YOLO - Eat the Cookie!

I made sugar cookies for myself yesterday - no one else in the family seems to love them like I do and I was seriously considering not making them this year.  Then I saw this posted by my friend Lorraine (of blog CLAMCO - borrowed from her):

So - I made myself the sugar cookies and even made some tiny quarter size ones so that when I feel guilty about eating them I can have a small one and not feel any guilt at all.  Life is short - we should all live each day to maximum!