Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Recently we've added a little decoration to our home.  We bought a couple of paintings which I will share another day as don't have photos yet.  We bought these big wooden wings for over our bed - I love them.  They came from a store in a nearby town that I had liked their Facebook page and they are really good at updating it with things from their shop.  Last weekend hubby drove there and bought these and a painting.  Our walls have been pretty bare since we painted the inside of our open concept house waiting on the right art.  Angel wings are not everyone's thing, they certainly aren't usually mine but I love these and they look great over the bed at 2 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide.
I took the above picture one night when the three of us were watching tv.  I believe we were watching Schitt's Creek = apparently Buddy was taking advantage of hubby's feet as a pillow and watching with us. 

In other news we received our refund from our cancelled March trip to Mexico.  Although we booked originally on points and paid taxes and insurance in cash the entire amount was returned in cash which is excellent as in the past year we have racked up more points that may not be used for a couple of years.  So just over $1500 was returned to our bank account.  And last month the BC Government gave every citizen $500 so another $1000 into the bank account.  A few days ago I got a cheque for some class action lawsuit I applied to 2 years ago for $25.  We are also expecting several hundred dollars in insurance refunds due to a covid refund.  It seems like people are throwing money at us right now - I told hubby we need to buy a lottery ticket. 

I've been busy doing bookkeeping for our business including finalizing year end with our accountants so haven't had much time to blog.  If you don't see me blog for a few weeks that's what I am doing.  I have very little energy these days so have to conserve it if I intend to get anything accomplished.

Have a safe and good week everyone.


  1. I absolutely love those wings, I'm a fan of your lovely paisley bedding, too.
    Look at Buddy, he's smiling!
    That's a great resuklt with your government payout, holiday refund and old lawsuit. You do need to buy a lottery ticket! xxx

  2. It is definitely an interesting piece and if you love it that's perfect.

    Well done on all the refunds! A lottery ticket is probably a good idea.

    Good luck with year-end. Take care!

  3. I like the angel wings and haven't seen anything like them. That is good you got the trip refund in full so you still used up some points.

  4. Great to hear from you! I've been hoping you've been doing well. The wings are lovely and quite striking, being so large! Love the heart "negative space" in the center. A beautiful piece. Enjoy what speaks to you, no one else's opinion should matter! Hoping for your continued improving health.

  5. The photo of Buddy is so endearing. I am also not often one for angel wings, but I would have bought those in a heartbeat. Classy! So exciting about all the money, especially from the class-action lawsuit. I was once involved in class action (by no action of my own) and received $14 American!

  6. I like the photo of Buddy two - kinda regal don't ya think!

  7. Oh yes, keep that money coming in. It's so nice to have windfalls like that. ~Andrea xoxo

  8. Lucky you -- we are STILL waiting for a refund from the world cruise cancelled in March last year. The cruise company didn't come through (declared bankruptcy), so we applied to the credit card companies. Both turned us down. (We could appeal on one, so that's in process.) The Americans mounted a class-action suit to the (British) cruise company -- that was closed out just a few weeks ago, with what little money recovered going to pay the lawyers.


  9. I find the wings comforting despite not usually liking angel representations. Sleep peacefully beneath them.

  10. Wow, those wings are gorgeous.

    Buddy looks very comfortable.

    God bless.

  11. The wings are lovely, I like the way they make a little heart shape underneath. Love the pic of Buddy!:)

  12. I think those wings are beautiful and what a great size. They look wonderful over your bed!! Buddy looks very comfy LOL

  13. Hi Cheapchick! Hope you are doing fine. Some fellow bloggers and I are wondering about you. Hope all is well and the weather is getting nicer in your neck of the woods too.

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sorry to worry you. Just enjoying life!