Sunday, February 28, 2021

My Happy Place

 Thursday we had to run some errands with Mom (dentist) and we had to do our preordered grocery pickup.  The day was stunning.  It looks warm but is only about 5 degrees Celcius near the water and about 9 degrees by our house.  On the way home, we stopped at the Marina, my happy place.  It is so peaceful and beautiful.  There is always an eagle on guard on top of someone's boat and the views beautiful as we have snow-covered mountains in the background then our valley then the ocean.

We only stayed a few minutes but we all love the Ocean and it was a necessary mental health break taken - something everyone should do these days.

The foot of snow we got a week and a half ago is all gone - and didn't hurt these lovely flowers.  I just love blue flowers.

The birds are in full force right now in my backyard, chirping, pairing up, prepping for Spring.  Tomorrow is March - I have visions of planting flowers soon but it is still too early here for my annuals.  If the weather continues to be beautiful we will take our patio furniture out of storage and start arranging our backyard paradise.

In the meantime I wanted to share something that my hubby found - a gentleman in Victoria has set up a livestream/webcam on a hummingbird family.  I am including a link to his channel to see some of the best past clips as well:

The Dig BC Channel

Livestream: (if it says unavailable it is only playable on youtube so click that)

Cheers everyone!


  1. Oh my god, baby hummingbirds! Amazing. Your photos and happy place are beautiful. Spectacular skies, which are the kind you see when it's cold and sunny.

  2. The weather has been really lovely here (mid 60s) & I've been getting out every day & enjoying it. It makes such a huge difference in my mood, and stress levels

  3. Blue flowers are my favourite and they are so hard to find.

    God bless.

  4. WOW!!! That video was amazing!!

  5. A visit to the Ocean even for just a little while is uplifting. The birds have been making themselves known here too and I am so glad to hear them.

  6. Hey, I'm glad you're getting out and about, even if it is still a bit nippy. And I agree with you about the marina being wonderful. When our HR office was located in central Geneva we would sometimes have division meetings sitting on the lakeside with a coffee. It doesn't take much to be happy does it - it felt like I was on vacation!

  7. Thank you for sharing the hummingbird videos.I wound up watching all of them.
    Your photos are gorgeous and I am so glad you felt up to an excursion to your happy place!

  8. This was a real encouragement. We are currently staying in a desert area (McNeal, AZ) that has little but dirt, dead grass and bare branches going for it. Your post reminded me that spring may be coming, even here. (I can see one bush that's suddenly greened up.) Thank your husband for the hummingbird cam -- I will be watching this!

  9. Oh, what I would do to be able to visit the ocean. You live in a very, very beautiful place. Glad you were able to get out and spend a little time in your happy place.

    I'll check out the baby hummingbirds now. Take care!

  10. I always think of you when anyone mentions hummingbirds. That video is wonderful.
    What a stunning place to wander about, look at those blue skies too, you could almost be in the Med! I bet that trip did you so much good.
    I love blue flowers, too! xxx

  11. We enjoy all of the birds in our back yard, but how special to have hummingbirds breeding. The closest I can come to that in North Queensland is to bake a Hummingbird cake, ha, ha.Yes we all need a happy place to retreat to when necessary. Take care, Pauline

  12. The birds and the sun and the water! I can see why thee make you happy.