Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Lovely Day By The Ocean

Pub table view on oceanside patio for dinner

Fishermans Wharf at Sunset

Boat selling the days catch, shrimp, at Fishermans Wharf

Someone's live aboard sailboat container garden - herbs and some lettuce

One of Comox's resident deer, right downtown, a daily sighting

Yesterday was a great day, one filled with all of my favorite things. The morning was spent with hubby garage saling. There were not that many as most people were off enjoying the sunshine and moderate 23 degrees celcius temperature. We picked up a few items for the house, a pepper grinder, blow-dryer and one vintage item for my Etsy shop which I will share with you in a different post.

Next was lunch at home and then on to the beach - the ocean ashort five minute drive away. Two hours spent picking shells, watching seals in the binoculars, reading and tanning.

Finally, we splurged (yes, we do that occassionally) and ate dinner out at an oceanside pub that overlooks fishermans wharf. After dinner, a walk around the wharf looking at all the fishing boats and pleasure vessels.

Today was definitely one of those "living rich on the cheap" days, like a vacation in your own home town. I love our new life.


  1. OH.... that sounds MARVELOUS!!!
    We ten-)d to do that on Holiday weekends to - mini 'stay-cations'... venture to a nearby quaint village and blend with the tourists and soak in all we take oh-so-often for granted and splurge a 'little' ;-)NICE! GLAD you are enjoying your new HOME!!

  2. I can totally relate to this. I love living by the beach, it's like living on vacation all the time :)

  3. So glad that the move is going well. I love Comox!

  4. It looks like you live in a beautiful place. Thanks so much for becomming a follower of my blog. You have a very cute little blog!

  5. What a fabulous place to live! There's nowhere I would rather be that the beach picking up shells! We live about 2 hours from my favorite beach! Happy weekend!