Monday, July 2, 2012

May and June Budget Results

Due to an extremely busy life no budget results were posted for May so today I will post both May and June.

May's Grocery Budget was $426.57 minus April overage of .45 = $426.12.

This includes all food, over counter medication, cleaning supplies and items like shampoo, razors, and other bathroom products.

Actual results were $595.68 - over by $169.56.
Coupons used $16.88.
Yes, way over budget. The reason for the overage is we switched gears from selling the Alberta house to having my adult step-children occupying it while they attend college so some groceries were purchased to be left behind.

June's Grocery Budget $400 less May overage of $169.56 = $230.44
This budget is now permanently lowered to $400 per month based on our new life.
Results: $499.84. Over by $269.40
Coupons used: $38.87
I had to buy a lot of items from scratch this month. Only a few groceries were transported like spices, oatmeal and some canned items that the boys would not use back in Alberta. Instead of buying smaller sizes to try and stay within budget I bought large quantity at lowest prices. Most of the pantry is completely stocked up except for the freezer.
$2 glass jar being used as a pantry cannister says "British Made" on bottom, purchased at Salvation Army

This month will be spent trying to find a good source of low cost meat, scratch cooking and using coupons to assist with reducing the grocery costs. Realistically there is no way I can make up the overage by the end of July but I will try and reduce it, chipping away at it each month in an effort to be fully accountable. The goal is to make up the overage by end of 2012.
$4.75 Capri Pants purchased at Salvation Army

Annual Clothing Budget $200
May spent $12.98 on Jeans and a t-shirt at Goodwill
June spent $4.75 on capri pants at Salvation Army
= $172.28 for rest of 2012
The secret to maintaining a frugal wardrobe is to shop thrift stores and to be continously looking to add pieces, even if that means buying one or two items per month. The capri pants were a necessity for this new more relaxed lifestyle. I do not feel deprived at all and am very happy with my current wardrobe even though I have only spent a grand total of $27.72 so far this year. If I could lose 10 pounds I would have even more clothes to feel comfortable in as there are a few items in the closet that are a bit tight and therefore I am not wearing. Rather than give in I am challenging myself to lose 10 lbs by October 1. Current weight 146 pounds - just putting that out there for the record.

Annual Hair Budget $400
May spent $50 on a cut = $142.20 for rest of 2012
If necessary I will pull some money from the clothing budget to add to the hair budget as am doing better in that category. I had my regular hair dresser in Alberta cut it extra short on the last visit and am considering letting it grow until October when I am going back for a family visit and can book an appointment with her. If it gets really bad I will try and get a cut with a local hairdresser which is kind of inevitable at some point. I have a really great relationship with my hairdresser and have found it difficult to find someone I like to cut my hair in the past so am very loyal to her. Husband is not willing to have a go nor am I willing to let him near me with a pair of scissors and my mother's eyesight is not good enough for that either.

As I get older(42 now) I find myself avoiding crowds so we spent a quiet Canada day visiting the CFB Comox Airforce musuem which was quite interesting with a drive to the ocean afterwards. Even though it was mostly cloudy it did not rain so was a nice pleasant mild day.

The unpacking of the house is mostly sorted. There have been a few more expenses than initially anticipated as we have had to buy things here like a lawnmower, hoses, and toilet plungers that we would have moved if we had sold the house but were left in Alberta with the house there. In the end, hopefully, this gamble of keeping the Alberta house for two years will pay off until the market gets stronger.

I am off to plant some flowers and do some weeding. Have a great day!


  1. You are doing great with your expenses. I write down everything I spend and that sure helps in budgeting and seeing where money goes! And OF COURSE you can enter my giveaway! Good luck!

  2. I am really enjoying reading about your adventure west and good budget habits. Happy long weekend!

  3. I love how detailed your budget is. I think I need to do this although I am very good with my limited income. Still its important to really see where your money goes. Do you use a spreadsheet? I'm curious as I'm new to your blog and don't know your secrets!

    1. No spread sheets - just a little coil notebook. I tuck in the receipts and record them every few days. Once a week I tally it up to see where I am at. Hair has one page and clothing another. No high tech systems here!

  4. I am really impressed with your budgets!

    I have a question. What are your motivations for thrifty living.

    I too buy nearly all clothes 2nd hand, mostly in thrift (charity ) shops and like you if I lost weight I would have a far greater wardrobe.

    I like your goal date of Oct 1st. I want to lose 24 pounds!

    Sft x

    1. Tough question! My thrifty gene was passed down from my Mother, a single mother who raised two kids after moving to Canada with no family to help(Dad moved back to the States when I was five). I guess originally out of necessity, and now by habit. We seem to be achieving our goals so it seems to be working!

  5. I think you are doing great with your budgeting. Don't be too hard where you have an overspend. As long as you plan to re-jig and re-coup then you are doing just brilliant.
    Sending you good wishes for your new beginnings from Wicklow Ireland. x

  6. Interesting, you spend twice as much on your hair as you do on clothing! I'm the exact opposite but then I spend zero on hair cuts as I cut my own hair. I do buy the occasional hair product.