Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage Goodness!

I am having a lot of fun finding stock for my future ETSY shop. This week was no exception. In between getting my car insured, getting a new B.C. drivers license and painting our spare bedroom in preparation for a family visit I snuck in some thrifting.

I actually passed up this cute little preserve jar last week as from a distance thought it was modern. This week I had more time at the thrift store and realized it definitely is vintage. The inside shows a little yellowing and some age but it is very cute and would look great in someone's 1950s inspired kitchen.

Another piece of Blue Mountain Pottery, this time a small swan planter.

I am really not sure what this little red glass container is. It looks like an apple, is made of glass and painted red on exterior only similar to Pyrex. It is not marked. The glass is very thick so am pretty sure it is vintage. If anyone recognizes it please let me know.

This vintage wrapping paper is still sealed in the original plastic and is SO CUTE! If I only knew someone having a baby!

My first Vintage Christmas find! This little Eatons bottle brush tree came in the original foiled box and seems complete except I think it is missing it's topper. I found this at a garage sale last weekend. For those who live outside of Canada Eatons was the primary department store for Canada from the early 1900s until the late 1990s when it went out of business.

Finally, my favorite find of the week. In 1964 someone repurposed an old film canister into a cookie tin. They painted it in this great design and fortunately signed it giving me some indication of it's age. There were even a few ancient crumbs in it! This was found in a basket underneath a clothing rack. It pays to dig.

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  1. How lucky that most of it was marked! I don't know anything about the red container but I love it.

  2. I love everything hand painted in Italy! The tole painting on your bottom cookie tin is nice. You have some good stock for your shop!

  3. I'm no expert, but could it be an apple baker?

  4. I thinkg that wrapping paper is adorable. Great finds.

  5. Just catching up on your posts.

    I love your previous post-having a vacation at home. Such a beautiful area and good on you for treating yourself to a pub lunch, food with a view!

    You are doing so well with your thrifting. You are quite right to dig, I found some wonderful meakin plates in a thrift shop, buried and for only £1 each. Result!

    Another question. Do you have any new goals to share with us?

    I love that you are 'loving your new life'. You deserve it!

    Sft x

  6. It's always fun to find something with the old Eaton's sticker!! It was a great store....

  7. Wonderful finds! Love your swans the best.

  8. It seems as though you and I have a similar motivating idea behind our blogs. I'm super excited to keep reading your Ideas and be inspired!

  9. some great finds there, i especially love the vintage wrapping paper x