Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hot Summer Days

Comox Estuary
We broke record temperatures here on Friday at 32 degrees celcius.  This area is known for it's moderate temperatures,one of the most moderate in the world with not much variation between high and low yearly temperatures.  The picture above is the estuary where we kayak.  This picture was taken where we sometimes walk the dog, a water side loop around a small airfield.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just Odds N Ends

Lots of action this week in the living rich household.  We traded in hubby's sportscar (found at a garage sale, paid for in cash) and sold my car (also paid in cash) and upgraded to a 2012 model (cash from both vehicles paid for car plus a bit extra).  We are now a 2 car family again.  Maybe one day we will be a one car family but for now this works.  Our truck is for lifestyle, hauling things like kayaks, bottles, furniture and going to spots with buddy.  The car will be shared.  We rarely have to be two different places at one time but it happens.  The car is a four seater so will work to haul family around when they visit or when we go places with Mom.  Probable savings?  About $1200 per year in insurance and maintenance and less polishing and washing for hubby who is in charge of that in our household.

Test subject buddy was the first picture taken with new iphone SE

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In The Berries

I have resurfaced after another extremely busy week here at the little island pad. After thinking our flooring ordeal was finally over our dishwasher went on error the very first time we used it after being reinstalled.  The original plumber then went MIA and refused to answer the flooring company's pages.  It took another week for a serviceman from another firm here in town (this one highly reputable and one I have used before) to fit us in.  He had to reinstall the dishwasher as the plumber had kinked the line so water could not drain.  This is a temporary fix as a new hose has to be put on and due to the difficulty in getting simple parts from GE it may be weeks before it has its permanent fix.  Not on our dime but yet again, a huge inconvenience.  We were without our dishwasher for the whole of my stepson's five day visit including a couple of family dinners with Mom.  PAIN IN THE BUTT!
If we had to do it over again I would not have ordered GE appliances.  It is too hard for repairmen to get parts in Canada.  If any of them die we will choose another brand.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Living on Vancouver Island

One pot worth of baby potatoes.  We planted our container potatoes back in early May.  They have now died off, all except one pot.  I think we put them in a too hot area and the siding scalded them so they died off a bit early.  I know potatoes normally die off when ready but the one that was on our back patio that gets a bit more shade still has green leaves.  It was a great experiment and I will grow them again, only next year we will put them in a shadier spot.  The tiniest ones are the size of a quarter.  The bigger ones could be called fingerlings.  This batch will be getting this treatment tonight on the BBQ, perfect for tiny tiny potatoes and a rosemary bush that thinks it is a fir tree:

Teeny tiny potatoes with rosemary from

I am not going to dig up the rest until we are ready to eat them so from here on out we will have tiny potatoes that you pay big money for at the grocery store until mid-September.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Surviving Round Two

New to me bookshelf
My laminate floor has been reinstalled and glued and so far, no creaks.  Hopefully (all fingers and toes crossed) our new floors will be fine and the faulty creaky floors that were installed last year will soon be nothing but a distant memory.  I still love the pattern we chose and it definitely stands up to Buddy's sharp claws so hopefully it was only a bad batch that was initially installed.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Planning for that know, the one in December?

I hate to say the C word so early but you all know that every December the C word comes around (if you celebrate) and costs most households a fortune.  I like to plan ahead for the most expensive month of the year by saving points and socking away money bit by bit throughout the year.  If you have read this blog for any length of time you understand I am a saver of both cash and points.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Free Food Edition

Buddy age 1.5 - discovering apples in the yard

Tis the season for free food.  The neighbors to the back that we share a fence with have an apple tree which keeps dropping fruit in the yard.  I have a helper to gather it.  Buddy doesn't eat it, just likes to pick them up and pretend we are playing ball (with me chasing him around trying to get the fruit away).  They are not crab apples but some kind of regular eating apple and are definitely not beautiful so perfect for either crock pot applesauce to freeze or an apple crumble which I hope to prepare some time this weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Amazing Ride!

When I last blogged our Goodyear Blimp ride had been delayed due to weather as the Blimp got caught along the Oregon coast and can only fly in non-rainy conditions with very little wind.  The weather has frankly not been great and our ride was in jeopardy of being cancelled altogether.  We were supposed to go up on Friday but late Wednesday morning they called me and advised the pilots had looked at the weather forecast and it was a no go.  They rescheduled again for Saturday.  We decided that there was an extremely small chance of this trip actually happening for us so made a fast plan. If we were going to all the expense of taking the ferry over to the mainland and the ride was cancelled our trip would be a total loss.  Instead, we shuffled our hotel after a bit of begging and pleading (nonchangeable reservation with an extremely nice hotel staff who after the story was told changed our reservation) and called Mom to see if she could watch Buddy, our dog, for an extra day.   We then drove to Bellingham, Washington Thursday afternoon for a day of shopping on Friday.  The distance is a short 45 minute drive between Bellingham Washington and Abbotsford, BC so very doable on a short timeframe (good thing our passports are up to date).  We had a wonderful couple of days.  We bought a bunch of over the counter medications at half the price (even with our poor exchange rate), groceries and some clothing. In order to have any kind of duty free allowance you have to be gone from Canada at least 24 hours and we timed it so we met the requirement.  Unfortunately you have to be out longer to bring back alcohol which is a fraction of the price in the USA versus at home - but our mission was accomplished.  

Friday, July 1, 2016


Surfer at Tofino - Chesterman Beach 
Well, it turns out the Goodyear Blimp ran into bad weather coming down the coast from LA and won't make it to Abbotsford by Sunday so they rescheduled our flight until Friday the 8th.  Fortunately, we are self employed and had no training/appointments pre-scheduled for that day so we are able to make the flight on Friday.  It can't fly that high so never goes over mountains and has to hug the coast.  A bit of a let-down but we were able to change our hotel and were taking the ferry so no lost money there other than one $19 in ferry fees (paid a fee to change a reservation).  At least the flight is still on!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Food Freebies!

Hubby got back from his business trip late last night (or should I say 130am this morning due to a flight delay) and brought home these food freebies.  We have the best clients - this one is a food wholesaler who sells to chefs and restaurants across Canada.  Lousy pictures but I was in a rush and wanted to get everything put away so used my 4s iphone camera (still plugging along after 4 years of daily use).  That is five bags of specialty rice including red rice and black Italian rice and quinoa.  The little packets of goodness are liquid boullion in chicken, beef, vegetable and seafood.