Friday, January 22, 2021

Starting to Mend

 I am still here.  Just using my energy to recuperate.  The double whammy of two hospital stays, major surgery and pneumonia have drained every bit of energy from my body.  After my last hospital stay it was everything I could do to take a shower or go to the bathroom on my own.  500 steps max per day.  I am now up to 1000-1500 steps a day but recuperation is slow going.

Sweet Buddy is there by my side every day.  Yesterday he got a haircut.  He was pretty shaggy as originally was supposed to be trimmed two weeks ago but I got out of the hospital that day instead so we delayed it.  He looks so much better with a clean shaven face.  

We managed to remove all the Christmas decorations last weekend.  Normally I like to take everything down January 1 for a fresh start to the year.  I sat there looking at the decorations and they were driving me crazy as I mentally undecorated everything 20 times until I was physically able to do it, of course with hubby's help.  Thank goodness I married such a decent human being.  He is wonderful at taking care of me, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry.  He is also still running the company in between.  He is tired, I try and do what little I can to make his life easier but things are still tough in that regard.  

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Dip in the Road

 I'd love to say that I've been happily at home recuperating but unfortunately, I contracted pneumonia and ended up back in the hospital for 3 days.  I got out yesterday and am doing much better due to an extremely powerful dose of antibiotics via IV.  I am hoping now that I can get on with healing as my incisions are in great shape and need to get some of my energy back and get back on track with eating.

Yes, things look good from here on out - so happy to be home again with my sweet husband and dog and home sweet home.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I'm Home

So hubby broke me out of the hospital yesterday and we made the 5 hour trek via ferry home.  I wanted so badly out of the hospital I pushed it to get out early.  They expected me to be in for 7 days based on what all was taken (80% pancreas, spleen, 1 adrenal gland and some lymph nodes - the last 2 as they were so close) but healing is done at home, not at the hospital.  Plus while I was in the hospital there was a covid outbreak 2 floors up so I had added incentive to get out as early as possible.

I feel SOOOOOOOOOO happy to be home - with my sweet husband and my sweet dog.  Now I have several weeks of serious healing to do but I feel much better doing it here.  Hospitals are not good for mental health and mine was going south - I would have lied to get out near the end but that wasn't necessary, thank goodness, my body cooperated.  

I won't be posting a lot but just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and to let you all know - I'M HOME!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020



This is my last post of the year.  This week we are busy finishing up company business (hubby is taking 3 weeks off to take care of me), cooking the turkey Thursday and prepping for our trip Sunday and my Surgery Tuesday.  

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Some Cheer Light Style


So this week one day about 5pm this showed up on my street - a highly decorated dump truck and trailer holding a tree.  This was part of a "truck light parade" that our towns have had for many years which of course was canceled due to covid.  As the parade was a huge way our local food bank raised money by collecting cash and donations there this year one truck and trailer are traveling around different neighborhoods and honking, spreading cheer so people can come out and see it.  They were suggesting money be sent directly to the food bank and they were collecting cash with a bucket at the end of a long hockey stick (Canadian Covid appliance lol) but were unable to collect actual food donations due to handling/storage issues.  They recommended those be driven straight to the food bank.  By Thursday they had raised $7000 after just a few nights!  We've already made our annual contribution to the food bank but it was so nice to see such spirit in our neighborhoods.  

Monday, November 30, 2020

Pretty But Potent


We had another huge storm last night/this morning with rain pounding so hard against our windows at 6am I don't actually recall a worse storm.  We just kept in bed as fortunately hubby had no firm telephone appointments and Buddy crossed his legs so he didn't have to go out.  By 8 am it was sunny and calm, very weird for this time of year.  Today is the day where I am about 60 recovered from treatment and so hubby suggested we take Buddy for a walk.  It was a slow one and the only picture I took is of this very beautiful but very potent mushroom growing in my front yard.  I looked it up for fear it was poisonous, but it is just hallucinogenic, called Amanita.  So pretty yet so unpleasant.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Firm date and more lights!

 Well, surgery date has been firmly set for Dec 22 and I am over being upset about being in hospital over Christmas.  I am so lucky to even qualify for surgery so I will take what I can get.  We will have turkey day Dec 18 then Dec 20 have to be in Vancouver 2 days before surgery for some prep work and hopefully I will be out in a week.  

In the mean time our decorating is finished.  Here is the outside front:

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Last night out of the blue it snowed, it was only plus 2 degrees but just got cold enough to drop some of the cold stuff.  Half an hour later we had the strangest electrical storm with sheet lightning and thunder - two things we don't generally get on Vancouver Island.  We never lost power though so other than trying to catch the bolts of lightning we just listened to the storm.

Then at 1am I heard a weird thumping by the heat pump (our form of heat which only works to minus 10 degrees Celcius and uses the temperature of the air to heat and cool your house).  This had happened once before and since I was awake due to a bout of insomnia I got up and had a look.  Ice had formed inside the heat pump fan and it was having trouble functioning, soon to burn out if not fixed.  Fortunately, I knew what to do. Throw the air conditioner on - it sends the warm air out into the fan on the pump and within an hour the ice had all melted and I didn't have to do much of anything.  A service repair man told me that little trick last year when I was panicking in a snowstorm to try and thaw it out with hot water.  And no, he didn't charge me for a service call.  

Thank you for all the kind words on the last post.  Yes, I qualify for surgery.  Now to get it done, which is being made more complicated and possibly set back due to Covid.  We are supposed to hear from the surgeon this week about more dates but the date that has been thrown around is Dec 22.  Yes, in hospital for Christmas and maybe out by New Years'.  Not what anyone wants but I just want the surgery over and to be recuperating at home away from Covid with my husband and my dog and my Mom.  There is even a likely chance if I do get surgery before Christmas hubby will not be allowed in the hospital to see me.  These are the sucker punches that keep coming but I am a big girl and I am once again pulling on my big girl panties whether I want to or not and making sure I get the best possible chance at a long life and this is what is required to do that. Tenacity is required and I have that.

In the meantime, Christmas decorating continues.  The tree is up and a bit like a Whoville tree from the Grinch, if you put enough stuff on it it looks good.  I have rearranged a branch or two since these pictures were taken but it was completed on Sunday.  And we ended up with 1000 lights on the tree :)  The tree is a combo of family ornaments and a ton of vintage glass ornaments which I've collected over the years.  I will give you more glimpses of my vintage collection including books and candle holders over the next few weeks.  For now - here is the tree, mantle, and antique store cabinet with lights.  The lights look brighter in person, we have lights all over the place now, especially the bedroom and living room.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Good News Post

I haven't blogged in 10 days but that's primarily because I've been busy decorating the house and getting chemo.  But this blog post is full of good news so in no particular order:

1.  My sweet husband bought me these lovely flowers last week, they are lasting a long time and are lovely to look at (even though he is allergic to a lot of what is here he still bought them).

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 So I thought I would share with you today something we picked up a month ago on our Facebook bidding site.  A proper lava lamp with the real wax in it that takes 2 hours to heat up for action.  I love it.  I love that it looks like a rocket and has little lights at the bottom.  I've taken to light therapy this fall, lots of fairy lights, candles and now this.  We turn it on every single night.  I outbid everyone else for $21.  This is not one of the cheap ones made with goodness knows what that gets cloudy after a few days.  Nor is it the kind that is instant (those appeal to most people - instant gratification).  You have to wait for the beauty and bubbles of this lamp