Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bubblegum? Eew

I am still on my quest to use up travel size items that I started back in January.  Even more important now.  I didn't realize when I got this free sample from my dentist's office it was kids toothpaste.  Bubblegum flavor - yuck.  Oh well, I need to use it and will not waste it.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Ignoring The Forecasts

We took our long walk with Buddy yesterday.  There is a lovely forested path a few blocks from our house.  The trees are hairy with moss from the wet winter.  It was supposed to be mainly sunny but we got a sprinkle of rain when out walking.  Although there are many people who walk on this path everyone was giving lots of distance to each other.  

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Another Day and Success At The Pharmacy

 These are the pictures taken earlier in the week when we managed to pop by the ocean for a few minutes.  They've closed the beaches but this isn't really a park, just a point of land by a few houses.  Many others had the same idea although most stayed in their cars.  Some don't like seagulls but I've always loved them.  If the ocean were a pub they would be the bar patrons.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Zero Food Waste Edition

 Hubby goes through a lot of pickles.  In most Ukrainian families pickles are a staple so back in January I had bought a huge jar which he finished off this morning.  I had 2.5 cucumbers in the fridge so decided to take one and use the leftover pickle juice and some new garlic to make some refrigerator pickles.  They will be ready to eat in a day or two.  They are not exactly like regular pickles but since they are much cheaper and I am aiming for zero food waste this was a great way to use up the pickle brine and make sure the cucumbers were used.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Good Day

Green Gold
 Yesterday we actually had a good day.  Is that even possible in this weird time?  Apparently it is.  I am carefully watering and caring for our pink petunia and purple calibrachoa starters that my friend got me from the greenhouse that closed.  I will share half of this with Mom but won't take them over until they are ready to plant.  And yes, those are casserole dishes being put to good use as water catchers underneath the flowers and seedlings.  I had bought those little peat seedling starters a couple years ago, didn't quite have enough so used a plastic container that previously held fruit for a couple pea starters.  It acts as a mini greenhouse.  These will all live on the end of our dining room table until time to plant.  It is next to the patio doors so gets good sunshine.  In case the pea plants fail I held back a couple of peas to plant directly in the ground once our frosts are done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bad Hair Month

We had pushed Buddy's grooming until this week as originally this is the week we were to fly away to Mexico and he was supposed to go to the groomers (owners of his parents) for dog sitting.  It wasn't to be so we rebooked an appointment for grooming.  Thursday I got a text saying the groomers was closing.  As poodle hair continues to grow without shedding it was necessary for us to do a small trim so he could see again as his eyebrows were hanging over his eyes.  Poor dog, now he looks like a 5 year old got at him with some crafting scissors.  I also gave myself a small trim too but am not sharing that photo :)  Hubby's up next.  He is so picky and yet wants me to try trimming his hair as we both were scheduled for haircuts last week and now that's off indefinitely.  I am a little scared about that one.  I have ordered thinning scissors from Amazon (for all of us) but who knows when they will get here.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


When I was at the grocery store Wednesday they had put out their seed packets as they do this time of year.  It was pretty picked over but I did manage to snag these 3.  If I am able to buy live plants later I will but in case they are not available I will start these tomorrow.  I haven't had the best luck starting my own plants with yields but frankly it is better than nothing.  Tomatoes tend to grow here like crazy so if I can get the plants started I am sure I will do ok with those.  I have a whole bunch of old sour cream and yogurt containers and bought a bag of potting soil last week so will work with what I have to get them started.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Walk To The Duck Pond

I took a mental health walk with Buddy yesterday.  I admit to being a little overwhelmed with everything right now.  There is a fine line between needing to know what is important and information overload.  The weather was lovely and there were lots of ducks about.  Soon there will be ducklings as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

That Year We Made Our Backyard A Paradise

Removed sod

After a very turbulent week for everyone I wanted to share something positive for us.  What better year to beautify your yard than the one when you have to stay at home a lot.  I am so so happy we made the decision to install a brick patio this year to extend our living space to the outside a little more.  We removed part of the grass in our back yard but there is still about 50 feet of grass to the right for us and the dog to enjoy.  Four men, 3 trucks and a day and a half and it is done.  All except a topcoat that they will come back and do on Tuesday or Wednesday that we paid extra for - that will give it a bit of a more finished look.  They have to wait until the overnight temperature is above zero for that and it has been cold here this week with frosts every day but it should be 12 degrees celcius by Wednesday.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Whatever Will Be Will Be

Yes, these are trying times.  It seems like the world is a bit upside down on just about everything.  Don't let it stress you. Why you ask?  Because whatever will be will be.  Nothing you do or say or scream about will make one bit of difference.  Does that mean you do nothing?