Sunday, July 21, 2019

Another Great Fishing Trip!

We went on our annual fishing trip Friday - this time bringing along Stepson #2.  It was a beautiful day out on the water, sunny, 20 degrees so not too hot and the fish were biting.  The Chinook fishery only opened 4 days prior for keeping 1 per person - but at the same time, the fishery department limited the maximum size for keeper fish at 80 cm.  I managed to catch one that was 17 pounds and 79.5 cm :)  It is the largest fish I've ever caught. It took 20 minutes to reel it in and my arms were numb afterwards.  All three of us caught fish.  For the privacy of my stepson I am not showing the family picture and only shots from the back of him and his dad.

Monday, July 15, 2019

It's Finally Arrived!

We finally have bedroom furniture again! After six weeks of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, our new king size bedroom furniture was delivered Saturday.  We really wanted a storage sleigh bed, had searched all over and found the right one at Costco.  We tried local stores but they all carried the same furniture lines, most with basic starter furniture.  We wanted permanent investment furniture.  Then we tried to order it and found out it could not be delivered to our area, part of the drawback of island living.  Hubby spent 2 more weeks back and forth on the phone with the manufacturer and Costco until they finally said yes but we had to pay an extra delivery charge. We agreed and it is beautiful.  We put our queen set in the spare bedroom when the carpet was done at the end of May as we didn't want to have to move it (super heavy) nor put the bed frame back together a second time- hence why we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor. No point in doing things twice.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

This and That

Just a quick post today, not much going on.  It rained most of the weekend - I am totally ok with that as we need the rain.  It does look like there will be the odd rain or two in the forecast this week which would be a blessing.  After months with little or no rain this helps to take our fire risk down and allows us to go without watering the yard for a brief period of time. 

#grow your own

Monday, July 1, 2019

6 Months In

Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians!  I am so glad my parents decided to move here when I was six months old, in my opinion, the very best place in the world to live.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer's Here!

 Yes, summer is finally here and with that comes hornet's nests.  We found this the other night - right next to where I grow veggies so they managed to build this over 1.5 days.  It was large, over a foot high.  Hubby waited until dark to evict them.  Fortunately no sign of them trying to rebuild anywhere on the house.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Living in Paradise

This is Buddy's bad hair day look - just like a human.  He doesn't like mornings, is one of those dogs you have to make get out of bed so you can make it.  We had taken him for a long walk on the beach the night before so he was super tired when we got home and crashed.  This is the result - morning after the beach look.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Let Them Grow - June Edition

My peas finally flowered - they are almost 3 feet tall now.  I took this picture a few days ago and this morning I saw a few pea pods actually growing - it looks like the pea experiment worked.  Peas are hubby's absolute favorite - eaten raw - so next year I might grow even more.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Odds N Ends

I figured I better post an update because life just keeps roaring by.  Well, we officially survived our carpet replacement.  We chose a nylon which should hopefully last us 15 years.  The picture below looks a little darker than it is in real life as it was taken at the end of a very long day.  The hardest part was moving 80% of your belongings out - to the center of the house - and then moving it all back.  Anyway, it is done.  We will make this carpet last as long as we live here, even if that is 25 years as we don't intend to go through that again.  Cost to replace carpet in 3 bedrooms came to $4700 - not cheap but an upgrade that makes our life better every single day.  Again, much cheaper than moving.

Our new carpet - looks a little darker than it is in real life

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Getting Our Hands Dirty

This week is all about physical labour.  Monday we pulled most of the 3 rooms that are receiving carpet apart.  Installation is scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  Today after the end of business we will pull apart the office.  For now we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor as our bed takes too long to take apart to leave until the last minute.  Our house looks like a gigantic storage facility - but if it wasn't open concept this would be a whole lot more difficult.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Garage Sale Time!

The keepers - Italian hand painted bird mug .25 cents, 2 mexican wine glasses - $1
 Yesterday Mom and I went to a couple of garage sales - being the long weekend in Canada there weren't that many but we didn't let it stop us.  First - the keepers.  A cute large hand painted in Italy mug.  Super cute and I love the colours - and I could not pass it up for the cost of a quarter.  And of course, Mexican glass - two wine glasses for $1 total.  I love Mexican glass, each hand blown, slightly different shape.  In Mexico this stuff is quite costly but fortunately I seem to find a lot of it on the second hand market at dirt cheap prices.