Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Doings

Time has been flying lately between work and Christmas preparations.  Our tree (artificial)turned out nicely again, looks so similar from year to year but this year my vintage tree topper was added.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Freebies, points and rebate roundup 2017

Time to do a recap on all the points/freebies and rebates we have received this year.  For anyone who thinks it doesn't add up - think again!  Yes, we both have point credit cards - me the Air Miles Mastercard and hubby the RBC Avion Visa.  His is better but we can use mine places like Costco that only take Mastercard in Canada.  I have a spreadsheet for all this so I just calculate it everytime something is redeemed.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Almost Done Christmasfying

front of our house
Another week has gone by and our house is decorated inside and out.  There are even a couple of wrapped presents under the tree!  I usually don't wrap gifts this early but ran out of room to store them so decided to wrap.  The free Christmas lights I got in the summer turned out exactly as I had hoped, hubby did a great job hanging them on our cedars which frame our back yard, the picture isn't great but the lights are on all three sides.  As our home has large windows in every room we can see them easily from inside the house.  I know they take more power but we have led lights on the front of the house and the old ones in the back.  They have such a nice glow.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Homemaking Fail!

So yesterday I was a little distracted when I put some leftover homemade garlic toast in the oven to reheat. It actually caught on fire! In the past I have burned things, but never to this degree - darn broiler.  At least it was only two pieces of toast and not actual supper which had already been cooked.  Fortunately I was able to dump them in the sink to get the fire out but a definite cooking fail.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ugly Santa Has Left The Building!

Finally! After making a mistake in my vintage Christmas purchasing an item I did not like personally for resale last year - I couldn't unload him.  I tried selling him three times last year and no luck.  I decided to try one final time this year and then if he didn't sell I would donate him to a thrift store and call it a loss (he only cost 3 bucks so not a huge one).  Well, I listed him for the at-cost price of $3 trying to recoup my money and he got bid up to $5 and there were three people after him!

That isn't really the best part though, the lady who bought him has been married 51 years and they had the exact same one the first year her and her husband got married.  I had approximated him at being 47 years old as saw an old Mary Tyler Moore Christmas special last year where he was sitting on her work desk.  Apparently he is even older than I thought.

Over time her kids managed to mangle him and when she saw my Ugly Santa up for auction she had to have him.  He will be treasured as I treasure my other vintage Christmas goodies so he definitely went to a good place.  She likely won't call him ugly Santa though :)

Now I only buy what I can live with keeping if something I buy for resale doesn't sell.  Lesson learned.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Vintage Christmas Bonanza

I haven't blogged in over a week but I have been out hunting - for Christmas vintage that is.  One week a year our local thrift stores save all their Christmas goods and put it out this week, just after November 11th which is Remembrance day in Canada.  In order to actually get the really old good stuff you actually line up before the store opens, in our case about 1/2 an hour.  On both Monday and Wednesday morning Mom and I scouted for the best stuff.  Here are the results:

Box of Indents $3

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Get My Thrills On The Cheap!

The title of todays post is based on how little I can spend and the thrift store and bring home the best goods (what were you thinking!).  I was tempted to name this post Blue Balls but thought better of it ha ha (see below).   First the picture above is of my two purple celosia plants which used to live on the patio.  Last week when it suddenly snowed I brought them inside.....after several bug and slug patrols I have decided they will live inside until they die as they are annuals so not meant to be forever plants.  They are so pretty and when I spotted them for $5 each at the end of August I had to buy them as my other patio plants had mostly been killed due to a long way too hot summer.  We still have snow on the ground, in fact it snowed again on Saturday night - which did not prevent us from going over to our friends for a night of cards.  It is now warmer and above zero but the snow likely will only melt once it rains which should be tomorrow according to the forecast.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Blizzard Edition

So we are currently experiencing a blizzard.  It has snowed about 4 inches since 10am, just 5 hours ago.  I've already shoveled the driveway and walks once as the snow here is like cement and sets up if left, not like the fluffy dry snow of the prairies.  They had called for rain with possibility of some flakes then back to rain.  Just a little bit wrong.   We are prepared for winter, yesterday we had our cedars trimmed so they withstand the snow a little better.  I had left my pots out but the snow won't hurt them.  I took out the tomato plants midweek as we had our first frost on Oct 30th.  I still have tomatoes ripening on the windowsill.  We put winter tires on our vehicles the beginning of October, early but we got a great deal on an almost new set of winter tires for the truck and already had a set for the car.  We rarely get snow here but the higher elevations on the island do and we sometimes have to travel over them and snow tires are required.  In the five years we have lived here I have only seen one or two snowflakes in the month of November.  If and when we get snow it is usually limited to December and early January.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Taste of Italy

Last week was a super rainy week on Vancouver Island, including high winds.  It was a stay inside and drink tea kind of week.  Saturday we had to work all day to play catch up so Sunday was finally a day off and the sun came out! I cleaned the entire house and then we took a long walk with Buddy.  So many beautiful leaves here this time of year.  The picture above is a maple tree, we have the largest maple leaves in the world according to Guinness Book of Records.  Any time that record gets broken it is usually from somewhere else on Vancouver Island.

After our walk it was finally time to try out our new pasta making machine that we had bought for ourselves for our 12th Anniversary last month.  Hubby happened to be very sick that weekend so I made something else and we have been too busy since to set aside the time to use it.  It really doesn't take that long but since it was our first time there was a learning curve involved.  Suddenly after a few minutes of learning the machine hubby remembered doing the same with his mom, she apparently used a pasta machine to make perogie dough which we will also do at some later point, that is part of the reason why we bought it.  The other reason is we need to immerse ourselves all things Italy based on our travels there next Spring!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Verdict

OK so here is the verdict on the new glasses from for a grand total of $52.50 less rebate of $4.07 (actual rebate from was a tiny bit smaller than I thought) = $48.43 Canadian.  They were ordered on Monday and arrived two days later.  In the mean time I received an official receipt to submit to benefits if I had any (I don't) and an email advising they had been shipped.  Today I received a third email reminding me if I was not 100% happy with them to ship them back at their expense.