Friday, November 8, 2019

Elvis has left the building - Again and Again!

I've been busy - with scouting Christmas stuff for resale, volunteering and working.  The title refers to this Elvis record which I keep finding and reselling.  In fact, last week I sold one on Tuesday, found another on Wednesday and sold that one on Thursday!  I am trying to ramp up my tiny sideline business a little bit.  The last couple of years I have just played at it but I enjoy looking for stuff and reselling it. My favorite is reselling Christmas stuff.  I used to just stick with vintage but now I look for any quality Christmas stuff. One day, when hubby does actually semi retire I want to ramp it up even further.  Retirement for us means many streams of income, not all passive.  This side gig doesn't make a huge amount of money but is one I enjoy and now is the time to get better at it.  I've spent the last two weeks trying to sell more on Facebook Marketplace and actually had good success.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Election, Book Sale and Family Visit

A busy week at the island pad.  Monday I survived working the election.  Yes, survived.  Nothing like being on your feet for 14.5 hours straight with 2 10 minute breaks.  It took 2 days afterward to recover.  And I was one of the younger ones working it!  Oh well, it's done.  Only a couple of ill-prepared cranky people.  Funny enough they were all around 25-30-year-old men versus cranky old people like I expected.  In Canada you can't vote on election day if you don't have the proper ID or paperwork and you can only vote at a specific place.  In advance polls there are a lot more options but because our system is still entirely manual with hand counts (mainly a preventative measure for security as they wait until other countries master electronic voting without outside interference) things have to be done the way they are done.  Oh, and one lady who said her 10-month-old was in the car with her husband and she simply could not wait in a 20-minute line....ok then.  Go home.  Really I think she expected to let her go to the front.  Um, no.  People are just thoughtless some times.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


We've entered that weird time of year right before Halloween when the weather is miserable and all the stores are stocking both Halloween and Christmas stuff.  It was pretty stormy this week with rain every day and one day 70km winds (43mph) so at lunchtime we hopped into the truck to do a bit of ocean storm watching.

It doesn't look too bad in the picture but I stepped out of the truck to take a photo and got completely wet!  The kite surfers were certainly enjoying it, albeit in full scuba suits to keep warm.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my friends house and this week has been spent mostly at the Dentists.  After 3 visits finally yesterday an old filling was removed from my molar and a new one installed.  Apparently I had a cracked tooth but there are more cracks appearing.  The new crack caused an infection.  After that left when the filling was looked at was crumbling so all that had to come out and a brand new filling put in.  The Dentist is hopeful the new filling will keep the tooth from further cracking and thinks this should end my current dental issues.  Never one to pass up a freebie I made sure to pick up a travel sized toothpaste sample each visit.

The four visits added up to $460.  That plus Buddy's dislocated hip last month at $1600 we are hoping for no unexpected bills to crop up anytime soon.  Thankfully I had saved all the money for Christmas early as well as the travel account looks nicely full so even though we reduced our paychecks things are ok.  Our December trip to Alberta is funded plus our Mexico trip.  There is even enough for our next Spring trip to Ontario and Quebec.  Never charge holidays, save up for them.  There is huge peace of mind when you come home and you don't have any lingering bills left.

Friday, October 11, 2019


Yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday.  I am so thankful this little hairy creature is on the mend.  It was four weeks ago today that we took Buddy to the vet and found out he had a dislocated hip.  The picture above was taken on Tuesday.  He was anticipating his first short walk since the incident.  We are not allowed to walk him more than 2 or 3 blocks.  He got a haircut this week and I am pretty sure that made him feel more like himself.  Our groomer (also the lady we got him from and who sits him when we go away) had to give him quite a close cut to make his shaved areas blend in with others.  We are not those dog people who regularly dress their dogs in clothing - but - Buddy is small and gets cold easily but loves walks.  Hubby bought that red jacket last year....I thought he was crazy but we use it quite often in the winter.  The temperature has dropped sharply here and we are seeing frosts every day now.  

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mom and Daughter Weekend At Salt Spring Island

Mom and I are back from our two-night adventure to Salt Spring Island.  Fortunately, Buddy was well enough that hubby could take care of him while we were gone.  He continues his recovery but it will be a couple of months until he is totally back to normal.  He is still on a leash in the house for one more week.

We left home on Friday morning early wanting to make the 2-hour drive and then 1/2 an hour ferry to Salt Spring so we could get there at a decent time.  The forecast called for possible rain.  As we were waiting in line for the ferry dark clouds moved in.  As soon as we got on the ferry all hell broke loose - nonstop hail for 20 minutes and thunderbolts hitting the bay all around us.  Since we moved to the island I have only seen hail once and only for a couple of minutes.  I have heard thunder but never seen lightening here, they are both an extreme rarity.  It was so loud in the car I was beginning to fear that the hail would grow larger into the vehicle damaging kind we used to get in Alberta.  Fortunately, it stayed pea size or smaller but when it was over several inches covered our windows.  Just as we reached the other side it turned to rain.  A very unusual storm indeed as neither Vancouver Island or Salt Spring Island got the hail or lightning, just out on the water.  

Monday, September 23, 2019

Things are Looking Up

We just got back from the vet's office.  Good news, Buddy's hip has remained in place.  This ordeal started Friday the 13th of September when we found out it was out.  10 days later he finally got his sling removed and we are all hoping for the best.  He has to remain on a leash at all times for the next two weeks to ensure he doesn't jump up on things but all fingers and toes crossed he is back on the road to full recovery.  He has a sore from the bandage rubbing on the inside of his leg but we have a cream for that and it should heal quickly.  He is currently camped out on top of my feet, groggy as had to have a sedative for them to remove the bandage sling and take an x-ray.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An Update on Buddy

We saw an orthopedic vet on Monday, a different one from the same clinic as Friday and Saturday.  Buddy's hip remained in socket thankfully.  He took a new x-ray, gave a much firmer leg wrap and told us to come back in 7 days.  We are all getting used to our new normal, helping a dog who is usually rambunctious be somewhat immobile until Monday.  That includes carrying him over our laminate flooring out to do his business.  He hops around ok in the back yard but we have to keep him on a leash at all times including sleeping so he doesn't try and get off the bed.  No, we have never really kenneled Buddy except in the car so to start now except out of absolute necessity would be the equivalent to cruelty.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sweet Buddy has an Injury

Well, this was a week that I hope doesn't ever repeat.

Buddy is extremely athletic.  We throw balls and he chases them (no fetch, he prefers keep away) and we walk him all the time.  Thursday night was no different except it was indoor play as our September rains have come and there was no playing outside.

All of a sudden he stopped playing.  We thought he was tired.  Then he laid down on the bed and pretty much didn't move until morning.  He is a good sleeper and again, we thought he was just tired.  He was walking around fine, did his business and went to bed.  Friday morning there was a break in the rain and we were going to take him for a walk between appointments and before I went off to my volunteer gig at the animal rescue center.

He suddenly started trembling.  I thought maybe he had a tummy issue as he does from time to time.  He wouldn't stop trembling so I called the vet and they got us right in.  We agreed to tests.  The vet thought that it was likely something blood-related.  She did a full checkup and said he might have a sprain but that it was more likely something going on inside as he was running a fever as well.  We had to leave him at the vet and were asked to come back at 2 pm.  She was going to do some lab work as well as an x-ray to be on the safe side.
Click to see closeup

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

And Just Like That - It's September!

It is hard to believe it is September already - and that summer is almost over.  We recently visited our favorite farmers market and they have a large pumpkin field that is all set for fall.  Apparently, pumpkins can last quite a long time in the field on the vine even if they are done growing.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Adulting - The Jam Edition

It's that magical time of year - free blackberry season.  It hasn't been a very hot summer so they are a week or two later than normal but they are reading for picking right now.   In past years I have frozen blackberries in anticipation of making jam with Mom or a friend.  This year I decided instead of freezing them I would try and make jam totally on my own.  Some types of jam take a ton of processing, like last year when I made pear butter with Mom.  Pears need to be cored/cut/wrung out but berries are SOOOO much easier and even if you have to buy them, if you haven't tried making jam before I suggest starting with a berry jam.  All you need is berries, sugar, lemon juice and certo (certo is a type of pectin - this is the certo recipe).