Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Collateral Damage

So remember back in March when I had half a root canal then the dentist shut because of Covid?  And then I developed an abscess but due to having no pain and the abscess venting into my mouth, they could not do emergency dental as it didn't qualify?

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Quiet Sunday

 We had a couple of errands to run yesterday then went by the ocean.  It was supposed to be much nicer yesterday but instead ended up cold and windy with whitecaps on the ocean.  Still beautiful though. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Before and After

Today's before and after were taken yesterday - 2 hours apart.  Not sure why the colour is so different, perhaps due to sun position.  This is my very first attempt at hedge trimming.  This is our one and only hedge, we have a few other bushes we trim but no actual hedges.  This is shared with our neighbors who have a hedge border on their side of the yard too. 

Last time, our neighbor trimmed the boxwood.  That was early last year.  Before that it was hubby.  He is busy and tends to go overboard on the chopping, something I was trying to prevent.  I woke up yesterday with loads of energy, quite unusual for me since my fibro has been going crazy lately.  Hubby is still busy with our business but my role has been reduced for a while since we are not doing live training nor onboarding new clients.  So while he toiled away inside in his office I went at it.

The before

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Money on the Side

This year is going to be a super challenging year for money on the side.  I can't buy things for resale right now so I can only offload what we already need to get rid of.  After our massive purge and reorganization of the entire house last year when we first thought we were selling then instead decided to stay permanently in this house, there isn't a lot left to purge.

As we've now bought new lounge chairs and umbrella it was time for those to go.  Last year when hubby's lounge chair broke we bought a "temporary" replacement as knew 2020 was the year of the big investment in yard furniture and makeover.  We bought this plastic chair for $10 on our Facebook bidding site.  The faded cushion is several years old.  I sold it as a combo last weekend for $30!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

More Projects

 My peas are doing really well, hopefully by mid June there will be actual peas growing on them.  The 2 taller ones were grown from seed inside, next year I will skip that as they do so well right in the ground if planted early enough  (end of April).

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Creating Our Paradise

 Buddy was caught checking out Mom's Mother's day gift on Sunday before we went over and visited in her yard.  One small frugal accomplishment - all wrapping was recycled.  I received a gift when I left my job in Alberta before we moved out to Vancouver Island in 2012.  I rarely spend any money on new wrapping, and if I do these days it is in the thrift store.  I bought her a hummingbird feeder similar to the one hubby bought me a couple of weeks ago for our anniversary.  I also made her a card keeping me out of a store and less money spent except on the actual gift.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Looking Forward

We have a small number of additional freedoms being added in our Stage 2 of lockdown that comes into effect on May 16th.  Finally, we can hang out with Mom - inside.  We are permitted "bubbles" of our own choosing.  Up to 6 people will be permitted in these friend and family bubbles (within our Province, different in other Provinces) to interact inside and out.  I am so happy about this.  Originally my first thought was I could hug Mom again, but in order to protect her, I think we will hold off on that.  We can't have her over for Mother's Day but will plan a drive to the ocean and a BBQ for May 16th in celebration.  We won't have any others in our bubble to protect her as she is in the very high-risk category.  I will continue to shop for her but at least we can visit more rather than at the door or many feet apart in her back yard.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

And the Sun is Back Today!!

Sunshine seems to make everything better, doesn't it?  This is a picture of Buddy.  He's had a good right rip around the yard this morning after his morning business and came in the house absolutely dripping with wet dirty paws.  Of course, he had to tromp right through the fresh dirt we've spread where we are trying to get grass to regrow after taking out some bushes.  He only had his weekly bath last night so this time I had to wash all of his feet in the sink to get the dirt off.  Here he is roasting them to dry :)  He is super happy the sun is back now.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

And Now We Know

 It has been raining a lot.  Buddy doesn't like rain.  All he wants to do is sleep when it rains, who can blame him.  He wasn't even into playing with one of his many toys (yes he is spoiled).

Friday, May 1, 2020

And Onto May

 Well, the good news is that April is behind us - hopefully, May will be a better month for all.  This week:

- I planted calibrachoa(like a trailing mini petunia) in my two pots that I brought back in my luggage from Cordoba, Spain in 2016.  They don't have a huge root base so work well in these small planters.  I hope to find some more of these plants as they would work well in my big clay pots.  Although the nurseries are open they seem to be picked over or have some of this but none of that.  I hope to get all of my plants potted up this week except the tomatoes, those are still a bit little.  I have  planted one pot of cucumbers (5 to a pot) outside but kept a few back in case they decide it was too early.  I'll plant the rest of the cucumbers mid-May.  I've also started some dill seeds as well as spinach.