Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The "We Got Snow!" Edition

Yes, after a 2 year hiatus snow has once again graced our yard.  I was a bit nervous about it interrupting our travel plans as hubby flies out to Alberta this afternoon and I on Friday but roads and runways are clear so we can relax.  Normally I am not that concerned about snow, living for 30 years in snow laden Alberta - but our Pacific coast snow is completely different.  It falls extremely wet and fast, it can snow several inches in a half an hour and therefore it breaks trees and causes power disruptions.  It often freezes quickly like cement so unlike Alberta where it is relatively easy to shovel it often has to be chipped off pavement or salt poured on it so that you can drive or walk on sidewalks and roads.  I tried to buy some salt but every where in town is sold out so I chipped most of it off the sidewalk yesterday.  People don't know how to drive in it and many here don't buy appropriate tires for their car thinking it won't snow.  We just bought snow tires about a month ago so are good to go.  Not cheap but worth the cost for peace of mind.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Christmas Stuff Found Edition

I promised this post a while ago so without further delay here is the Christmas Stuff Found Edition - all found at the thrift store except the elf that Mom gave me.
Holt Howard Candle Holder $1
 My Holt Howard collection has grown to 3 with the addition of this little candle holder.  I found two but one was chipped so I sold it (for $3 - even chipped).  They are worth about $15-20 on the resale market but this one is a keeper.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Head Above Water

I am still has just gotten in the way of posting.  Business is brisk with two weeks left until some downtime and our regular life just seems so busy as well.  In the past 9 days:

Hubby left yesterday and returns late tonight on business trip #2 this month.  He is exhausted but we have no clients booked until afternoon so hopefully we both get to sleep in a little. We have signed 2 more contracts since I last posted!  He will leave on the final business trip/family trip of the year one week tomorrow - we still have a couple of large projects to finish before then but we are on track.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Elvis has left the building - Twice!

As expected November has been a super crazy month with our business.  We have signed a lot of contracts and this year will be a much better year fiscally than last with 2017 looking even better with all the business that we have already secured.  Hubby gets back today from a four day business trip and Buddy and I are missing him.  We just have to survive the next three weeks then we have two weeks of downtime as we always keep the last two weeks of December clear of appointments for a break and visiting with family.  That doesn't mean no business will occur, only that it will occur at a much slower pace.

Friday, November 11, 2016

2 weeks and Still Going

Before I get into what today's post is about I just want to say a final thought regarding my previous 2 posts.  This is my blog and I can say and feel however the hell I want to - and if you don't like it you don't have to come here.  Those who feel I don't have a right to say anything are wrong, I am an American Citizen as I was born there.  Also, many in the USA have no idea what repercussions around the world there will be by electing Trump.  He is in bed with Putin who is trying to destroy the Ukraine.  My husbands family is Ukrainian.  There are economic factors that may or may not happen directly affecting both Canada and Mexico, a country and a people which I love.  I cannot stand by and pretend to respect a racist sexist man who will not have the best interests at heart of those who need protection the most.   In future, should I choose to I will always express how I feel here - good luck suppressing that.  Enough said as like I said - you don't have to read my blog.

We are at two weeks today without eating out (except one morning having coffees and bagels out when we had to drop off a vehicle at the mechanic, hubby says that was a date lol, total cost $8.50 at Tim Hortons).  I specifically shopped for some things that we don't normally eat.  Last weekend I made a gigantic chicken enchilada casserole that fed us for 3 nights.  Hubby had it for 2 and I ate the last of it while hubby ate fish which I don't like since we ate far too much of it as a kid.  I also gifted Mom a portion as she no longer enjoys cooking.  We certainly got our moneys worth out of 3 chicken breasts on that one.  It took an hour to prepare and a lot of ingredients but was extremely tasty and in total likely costed about $12 (or less) to make or $2 a portion.

Tomorrow I am going to do a pork roast and invite Mom over, likely that will feed the three of us two full meals as well as I always send Mom home with leftovers.  In addition to trying new recipes this month we are batch cooking.  I made some stew and we froze the leftovers for an easy dinner down the road.  Hubby made some porcupine meatballs which we also froze the leftovers.  For the first time in a long time I found whole chickens on sale for a package of two for $5 so we roasted one and the other is in the freezer.  I usually only buy chicken parts (breasts/legs/thighs) as can buy them per pound much cheaper than whole chickens. I don't have a lot of freezer room as only have the fridge/freezer and a minifreezer so have to be careful how much I buy or I would have bought more.

I am trying to make it without eating out until hubby goes on a business trip on Wednesday.  He will be eating out for four days then (at the client's expense) and I have bought some fast and easy to prepare meals for myself while he is gone.  As I said before, we are trying not to eat out due to us always being disappointed when we do and lack of nutrition/ cost associated with it.

Today is remembrance day in Canada and veterans day in the United States and my thoughts go out to everyone who has served in the military, present and past, including my stepson who is currently in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I lost some faith in humanity last of my favorite bloggers said it best in this post:

The Non-consumer Advocate - I'm Mad As Hell

Monday, November 7, 2016


It has rained now for approximately 35 days straight.  Some days, like Halloween, it rains part of the day and then lets up.  Right now we are experiencing yet another storm with howling winds and sideways rain.  On these days it is tough to convince Buddy that he has to go outside.  The picture above was taken on Friday afternoon as hubby and I cut out of work at 4pm and drove down to the ocean for some storm watching.  Tough to tell from the picture but the wind was going about 50 km per hour.  Today we have gusts up to 65 km per hour.  Our house is about 2 km from the ocean and the wind always blows harder by the open ocean but our trees are bent over and the rain keeps getting slammed into the side of the house.  There are parts of the island that are flooding, fortunately not in my neighborhood as we are 1000 feet above sea level and away from any creek or river that might overrun its banks.  Just to give you an idea what the same beach looks like the photo below was taken there in early September.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grocery Tally October

We had 51 little scary creatures visit us (trick or treaters) last night, a considerable increase from the 30 we had last year.  I hadn't planned on that many as we have had the 2nd rainiest October on record since they started keeping track of these kind of things and thought that Halloween would be doomed to rain as well.  I was wrong.  It rained in the morning and stopped and there were lots of kids out on this dry night.  They enjoyed our window decorations, done on the cheap of course.  We set set up the skeleton and zombie on Sunday afternoon so all we had to do was turn everything on yesterday.  I hand out candy from 6-830 pm then lights out as you only get teenagers after that who are up to no good.  We spent $32 on candy (and we ate some of it and still have a very small amount left) and $4.99 on Halloween spooky noises and music that we amplified into the neighborhood.  Yeah, our neighbors love us lol.  Apparently hubby downloaded 250 Halloween songs/sounds for $4.99.  At least we will be set for a few years on that front as he had no idea how many came for that price until he looked at the massive download.  Hubby now expects me to find another skeleton or zombie to fill out our other front window for next year.  At garage/thrift store prices of course.

$2 garage sale skeleton (from 2014) plus some Christmas lights and a black tablecloth

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Supper Dilemma

Is it just me or do you have a hard time figuring out what to have for supper?  I do not meal plan as deciding each morning what we are going to have for supper gives us a little bit of satisfaction and hubby would rebel if I didn't give him some kind of choice.  He cooks too but usually the weekends and he always chooses far more elaborate meals than I do.  Instead I try and keep a well-stocked pantry so we have ingredients at hand for meal preparation.

We try and eat at home 95% of the time due to a couple of factors:
1.  It's cheaper
2.  Nutritional value
3.  Quality of food

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Money On The Side

First, for those who don't enjoy Christmas - this is not a Christmas post!  Just a post about making money on the side any way you can.   I have one expensive hobby and that is traveling.  Even if you travel cheaply (usually we travel moderately but not cheaply due to our time constraints) you still need cash to make it happen.  Out of our regular paycheck we do contribute to our travel fund but in order to do the amount of travel we tend to like to do in a year I am on the constant lookout for ways to make money on the side that will not take away from our business and contribute to the travel funds.

Bought for $2 (missing one, pulled a pink one from my collection to make a set) sold for $8