Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It's Gone!

So what exactly does it take ot melt a foot and a half of snow?  48 KPH winds and several days of rain!  Buddy is so happy the snow is gone, he was peeved off as he is not a foot and a half high so his yard had shrunk to the couple of runways hubby had shoveled for him to do his business.  Yesterday it was very briefly sunny and he just sat out there looking around at his green kingdom, glad everything was right in his world again.

I will never again complain about snow and cold after what others are experiencing this week.  St John's Newfoundland is still under a state of emergency where they advised all employers to shut their doors for the safety of their citizens.  Today is the first day (after 5 days) that people could try and get some groceries.  Can you imagine shoveling out your car because it is entirely covered in snow?  If you missed it and want to see some pictures here are some from Global News,

Thursday, January 16, 2020

After The Storm...or is It over?

This week has been mostly spent indoors.  We had a terrible windstorm on the weekend but fortunately kept our power on, unlike many others. We have a generator so are not worried about prolonged outages, although since we bought it we haven't had to use it.  Other parts of the island also got slammed with snow....we missed that and just got a skiff. 
Wednesday Morning

Friday, January 10, 2020

Using It Up - The Travel Stash

So 2020 hasn't been off to a great start health-wise.  I started the year with a headache due to a mild hangover.  That headache lasted for 3 days!  I actually think I had a touch of the flu since I didn't drink that much (2.5 glasses of wine).  Next up I bent over to wipe Buddy's feet off due to one of our super wet rainstorms - and hurt my back.  I keep thinking it is feeling better and then it hurts again after I do something stupid - like try and move my potted strawberries under cover this morning due to impending snow and below zero temperatures.  So right now I am sitting on a hot pad and I took 2 muscle relaxants - just so I can function!  Bloody hell.  Anyway, other than that things are good.

We have tied up 2 more contracts for 2020 so effective pay this month we are increasing our pay by $1500 - almost back to regular pay but not quite.  I want to ensure that there is a full 6 months of wages in our corporate bank account before we increase them any further.  I do think 2020 is going to shape up better than 2019, things are definitely looking up that way.  Hubby has said several times that he is glad I didn't get that job - it would have been way too much to deal with.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 - A Clean Slate Once Again

The garlic is sprouting!
I just love a new year.  The slate wiped clean and you get to look forward to brand new adventures.  I don't do resolutions, find they are a waste of time, instead I have some general goals:

1.  Grow more food.  Yesterday I noticed my Russian garlic had sprouted.  I am not sure how many more will come up as found at least one garlic clove had been dug up by something.  In addition to peas, strawberries, cucumbers, rosemary, garlic and tomatoes, I would like to add at least one or two more food varieties.  I may need to build more gardening boxes - time will tell. Any suggestions of things that grow well in boxes or containers?  I am not ready to rip out more lawn other than to widen our patio in the summer.  Any idea of plants that grow well in the shade?  The side of the house that has our storage shed has an area I could use.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Freebie Roundup 2019

We had a lovely relaxing(other than the cooking) Christmas and visit with my Stepson who has now flown back to Edmonton.  A friend who thought she previously had plans ended up coming for Christmas dinner as I had issued an open invite two months ago and she asked on the 23rd if she could still come.  Of course!  I could have fed 10 people let alone five of us including Mom and my friend.  Now all the leftovers have been eaten tucked away or thrown out (very little, food waste is something I am still trying to combat and some of this was an item that got tucked in the back of the fridge and froze unexpectedly).

Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas To All

Christmas 1973.  I was the blonde on the left clutching my new Big Bird stuffed animal.  Boy, I loved that thing.  I was 3 and a half years old when this photo was taken.

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Well, no more suspense, I got a call yesterday indicating I did not get that job.  It does make you wonder though if they had another candidate in mind and asked me to apply for a job that was not posted so that they could at least interview a couple of candidates and fulfill their requirements.  Maybe it has something to do with my age.  Either way, it doesn't matter, although it does bruise your ego.  We are in the process of tying up renewal contracts with our current clients and on-boarded 2 new clients this month.  Hubby told me he was actually relieved as things could go from zero to sixty in the first few weeks of January and if I was off training for this job that would be difficult.  So for now for a few weeks I will hold off on looking for anything else.
Buddy supervising me wrap gifts - nosey dog!

On to other things...we managed to get 2 more walls painted.  Hubby has the baseboards to finish in that section today and then no more painting until after Christmas when my Stepson has left.  We are doing one whole section at a time including touchups and painting baseboards instead of leaving everything half-finished which is much easier on both of us as we both hate things being torn apart all over the house and messy.  The house looks odd with half beige and half grey walls but who cares, it's just us that have to look at it.

Christmas preps are done, all the baking is completed now.  I just need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and that is it.  I really have managed to stay out of the retail fray in December which is really rather nice.  We didn't go overboard on gifts this year which is good and kept to our budget. 

I have one more volunteer shift at the animal rescue on Sunday before the New Year.  I figured it out, I have volunteered over 70 hours this year.  I enjoy it so will continue to do it.  It has definitely gotten me out of the house and I have met a lot of new people which is always a plus.

November was a really dry month and we had lower than normal rainfalls.  December has more than made up for it!  Lots of miserable rainy weather that Buddy runs out like crazy to do his business and then speeds back inside as quick as possible.  No walks (he hates rain and wind) and since we can't throw the ball and have him chase it in the house like we used to before his injury we have been playing lots of training games with tricks and treats and lots of tug of war. At this point snow versus rain would almost be welcome, but maybe after my Stepson flies in so his travel is not interrupted.

Gigantic holly bush in Comox
Holly grows here easily - this gigantic holly tree lives in downtown Comox.  It certainly fits in with the season. 

Saturday we are taking Mom to her favorite restaurant for brunch after some thrifting. It should be fun.  I also need to do some minor cleaning before my Stepson arrives on Monday.  No point in over cleaning, I will just have to clean when he leaves anyway, and I am sure he cares less lol.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Vintage Christmas Finds and a Life Update

Time to share my vintage Christmas finds from this year.  All of the ornaments above were found in a $1.99 bag at Sally Ann.  All my favorite types of glass vintage ornaments.  They seem to be getting harder and harder to find - just as Mom and I were saying to ourselves that this year was not looking good she looked over and saw a bag full of these hanging among the other cheap Christmas tat. Frankly sometimes it is a miracle how these survive as so many get crushed over the years. Click on the picture for a closeup of some of the treasures.  If you want to see what I've found other years just type vintage Christmas in the search bar at the upper left corner of this blog.

Friday, December 6, 2019

A Funny Today

You may have already seen this but our town had a whopper of a Christmas blooper advertising the Christmas parade this year.  Instead of pictures with Santa, they advertised pictures with Satan.  I immediately picked up on the typo and hubby and I had a good laugh.  This is a free paper that is delivered to every household in town.  Apparently, this gaffe gave not only our town a good laugh (what else can you do but laugh?) but the news picked it up and apparently it made the New York Times and Late Night with Seth Meyers along with many Canadian news outlets.  The town sort of embraced the error and along with Santa there were a couple of Satans at our parade.  I actually wanted to go to it because of the error but unfortunately, we were traveling back from Alberta that day.  We just hope someone didn't lose their job over it.  Obviously, more than one person proofed it including the Downtown Business association so many people overlooked it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I've not gone underground

So we are back from our 4 night trip to Alberta.  It was minus 17 degrees celcius for most of the time we were there - we are sure wimps since we left.  I was cold the whole time.  I do not regret for a single moment moving out to Vancouver Island.  It did dip just below zero at home while we were gone but it really happens so rarely and yet we still have 4 full seasons here, which I like.  The days leading up to the trip were filled with madly trying to finish painting the living room and decorating for Christmas as I like to have most of it done before we leave on our annual December trip.  When we were putting up the outside lights on the house I found this in our gutter. Some bird must have dropped it on our roof, either an eagle or a crow.  It was fully petrified - didn't even smell so must have been some time ago.