Saturday, July 11, 2020

Final Post

We came back from the funeral and received some difficult news about my health.  Apparently after an ultrasound and a CT scan it has been determined that I have pancreatic cancer.  There will be an emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder and a spot on my pancreas but in all likelihood they will then determine how much time I've got.  I am taking this healthcare fight private.  To all my blogging friends, I may still read your blogs but please forgive me if I don't comment, I am just numb and have no more words left.  Hugs to all and please, stay safe.  Life is worth living.  I have been blessed with a full and wonderful life, a sweet husband, a family who loves me and a sweet dog who is my constant companion.  Can anyone really ask for anything more?   I am not permitting comments on this post but would just ask that you keep me in your prayers if you are so inclined.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Blogging Break

Hubby was 3 hours away from home waiting for the ferry when he got the call.  His Mom passed.  No one actually expected her to pass so soon.  So right now we are organizing our life to leave again on Friday to make the 2 day journey back to Alberta to lay her to rest in a private immediate family only funeral.  We certainly never expected to be traveling in a pandemic but it is what it is.  We will wear our masks to protect others and ourselves and be ultra careful.  We are returning a week from today home but will need some time to get life back in order.  Back in 2 weeks.

Monday, June 29, 2020


Just a quick update.  After raining every day almost all day for many days in a row and all morning before hubby's intended final visit to his Mom who has Alzheimers and is in a care home in Alberta, the skies quit pouring and he and his brother had a very peaceful nice visit with their Mom.  The home had asked them to come in fear that due to Covid and the fact that she is declining they would not get another chance to see her after this due to no inside visits being permitted.  She was very agitated as they were wheeling her into the courtyard for the visit.  As soon as they started talking to her she quieted and just sat there peacefully for the entire hour.  It was what everyone needed and wanted.  Hubby is so very glad he made the trip and the weather finally cooperated so the visit could take place as if it was raining it would have been cancelled and he would have had to extend his stay or not visit at all.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

All About The Raspberries

Yesterday was a good day.  It was almost like old normal - and I needed it.  Hubby has now made it to Alberta and today is trying to visit his Mom and the kids subject to lousy weather.  We are all hoping for the best.  He was good about texting me every time he stopped somewhere along the way so I wouldn't worry about him.  

Friday, June 26, 2020

This and That

Well, hubby left on his 3000 km to Alberta(there and back) road trip at 7am this morning.  I hate that he is driving so far by himself and I hate being away from him for five days.  I used to rejoice when he had to go away for a few days on a business trip as I got some alone time, but now after being constantly together for 3 months I hate it.  The Province did go into phase 3 of our reopening plan which includes the allowance for people to vacation/travel within our own Province.  He would have gone anyway as saying goodbye to your Mother qualifies as essential travel which was still permitted.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

All The Planning

I hate having workmen at our house - it drives me bananas.  Yesterday we had more workmen at the house, this time removing moss from many wet winters from our roof.  We have no large trees around our house and yet the moss still grows.  We've never had it cleaned and if we didn't get to this maintenance job, a reroof would be likely much sooner.  It cost $785 to have this done.  We likely could have done it ourselves but there is no way either one of us is going on the roof in a pandemic.  This is one time where you just pay people to do it.  They scraped off the moss, cleaned the gutters, sprayed, and have a 2-year guarantee to come back for free if we see anything growing in the next 2 years.  A new asphalt shingle roof costs around $18,000 to $25,000 for our house so prolonging the existing 14-year-old roof is super important.  Other than the moss, it is in good shape.  This was a planned expense although we did underestimate by a couple of hundred the cost.  At least now it is done.  

Friday, June 19, 2020

A Day Out

So yes, we did go kayaking yesterday.  All the stars aligned into good weather, high tide (a must for kayaking the estuary as it is too shallow at low tide), and low wind.  We committed to booking off from work at 1pm and hit the water.  

Monday, June 15, 2020

Busy Bee

When I was watering my front flower bed there were several bumble bees enjoying the Dianthus flowers.  I love this variety as there can be pink, purple, white, and even red flowers on the same plant.  There have been so many bees around this year, a wonderful thing.  Perhaps it is because people planted so many flowers, fruits, and veggies this year.  No matter the reason, bees are a good thing (not wasps or hornets, hate those!).

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Little Things

So the medication seems to be working.  After a week I can drink tea again without consequences.  I have to take a pill twice a day but can eat again.  Food is still not my friend but I am no longer losing weight, think I've regained a pound.  I am back to 80 % of my health and that is wonderful.  We did get the test results back and it showed no bacteria from ulcer - very weird. Blood tests were fine too.  Who knows what caused this gastritis (anything relating to stomach that they can't assign another name to) but hopefully it will go away like it came.  I still think it was directly related to having an open abcess in my mouth for 3 months from a half done root canal and the dentist shutting quickly due to Covid.  Anyway, it was lovely to be able to pour my cup of tea (in thrifted mug from several years ago, set of 3) and actually be able to enjoy it this morning.  I've also been testing the waters on different food after cutting out so many foods.  Good news, one of my 3 favorite food groups (chocolate, wine and cheese) I can still eat.  Dairy does not seem to be disrupting anything so I had a tuna melt the other night in celebration.  I still don't want to attempt eating out and am staying clear from anything tomato-based or deep-fried but things are really looking up.  My Dr wants to keep me on this medication for 4 whole weeks so time will tell.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

All About The Strawberries

The terracotta strawberry pots I bought last summer have filled out brilliantly.  We've gotten some of the coldest wettest weather of any Spring since we moved here 8 years ago yet the flowers are loving it.  I don't think I've ever had nicer lobelia, the blue flowers have just made the pots fantastic.  I love the strawberry pots so much - I've just bought a 3rd and have to go pick it up today.  Last year I bought these 2 used (and scummy - see this post for the before and after with hubby's scrubbing magic) for $33.  We managed to sit on our new loungers the other day in the sun for about an hour before the weather turned for the bad again - hubby took the above shot in the sunshine.