Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unpacking Thrifty Finds

Hubby, hamster Chewy and I safely made it to our new home with the moving truck. The last five days have been spent unloading, shopping for furniture while we still had the moving truck to haul it and trying to make our little Island pad from house to home. Oh yeah, we painted too. Now I can finally relax with a cup of tea and make a nice Sunday breakfast.

I wanted to share some thrift finds that were scored right before we packed the rest of our house up in Alberta. Most of these will be for resale in my Etsy store - when I open it up later this year.

The first item I am keeping. My first piece of Vintage Pyrex - quite rare. Made in the 1940s in Quebec this is a Delphite fridgie - missing it's lid. I will find a replacement lid later. It has no chips - but does have some dirt I can't quite get off so will be soaking it at a later date. I haven't collected any pyrex in the past, just have a few modern Pyrex pieces in the kitchen that we use on a daily basis. This is the start of my Delphite collection. I would have never known what it was but for these great Canadian bloggers: Six Balloons Vintage Delights, Sir Thrift-A-Lot, and Vonlipli's Favorites. It was a "Holy crap, that's Delphite for 2.99 at Goodwill!" moment.

In the same shopping trip these Goodwill goodies were found

1970s cocktail shaker - $1.99. I love how thick the glass is on these old shakers.

Vintage Relpo Flower vase - love the blue and yellow. I think it would look great with some white flowers. 99 cents

While pick up packing boxes I spotted a garage sale down the street from our Alberta house. I bought these five for $1 (yes, 20 cents each!). Some collect these glass insulators - they are all Dominion. Three are perfect and the glass on the underside on two are chipped/broken. If you go to pinterest and put in glass insulators there are some great ideas to repurpose these into things like votive holders. I am sure someone will want them if I price them right and sell them in one lot.

Last but not least this Blue Mountain Pottery 1960's plant pot - $2. This Canadian pottery is quite famous and a very collected Canadian pottery. My mother still has several pieces of it that I remember from childhood. My 14 year old stepdaughter loves the colours - so do I and am a bit on the fence about whether this is a keeper or to be sold.

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  1. Keeper on the Blue Mountain Pottery. When you tire of it (if ever) you can sell it then, possibly at a higher price :)

    Love the Delphite. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a piece of that.

  2. Who doesn't love Delphite!! I've picked up a few pieces, all dirt cheap!! Hope you spot more..

  3. Have you tried Bon Ami? If it doesn't work on your Pyrex, at least you can use it to clean other stuff in the kitchen!

  4. Love the delphite and the pottery! My only blue delphite Pyrex was a gift from my Canadian friend Vonlipi! So glad you are there in your new home!

  5. My favorite is your Relpo flower vase - it reminds me of the painting "starry night" by Van Gogh!! If I had to guess I'd say your favorite colour is blue?

  6. I love blue, too and the Blue Mt pottery is fabulous! What a find! Enjoy your week!