Monday, June 18, 2012

Half Way To Home - Part Deux

We survived loading the one ton budget truck yesterday (barely) on Fathers Day with the family crew. Apparently, when the moving truck went from by to pound (if we had hired movers) to by the truck(moving self) we kept a bit too much stuff. Hubby managed to stuff almost everything in and we only left behind a couple of replaceable flower pots, a shoe caddy and some bookshelves. When I say stuffed, I mean STUFFED to the gills. There is zero possibility of the load shifting as not even a spider could navigate any space between all our worldly possessions. We are halfway to our new island home (again) on this move from Alberta to Vancouver Island and that peppy Budget truck is doing much better than we expected.

Our hamster, Chewy, is not such a fan of road trips. Being a senior hamster (just over two years old) his days are mostly spent sleeping in peace with a few hours on the wheel in the middle of the night. Today he travelled hundreds of miles, in a noisy, bumpy hot truck pelted by rain and he also had to listen to us all day. Part way through the trip I realized the engine heat was heating his little cage up (set between us) so had to take his sleeping pod out and hold it on my lap so he would not dehydrate. Then he decided to wake up and be grouchy the rest of the trip regardless of peapod or peanut bribes. Needless to say, he is very happily sleeping in our nice quiet cool hotel room as we speak. Thank goodness the weather is not that hot and I had two water bottles in his cage so am sure he will be fine.

We saw a very young moose (no antlers yet), a black bear, and two mountain sheep this trip but no photos of those as I only had use of hubbys iphone today and was not quick enough on the draw.

I was shocked at how much the South Thompson River had risen in the two weeks since my last drive over the mountains. This area near Barriere and Kamloops had terrible forest fires a couple of years ago which you can still see the blackened trees - now they are under flood watch. We saw one home partially under water and several in jeopardy of being washed away. Hopefully the rain will stop soon.

Tomorrow the newest furry British Columbian, Chewy, gets to take his first ferry ride. I am pretty sure he will like that a lot better than the drive over the mountain.


  1. I think in a post from last summer I have a photograph of our moving truck...haha! I KNOW the feeling!! Wishing you well in your new home!

  2. Gorgeous views! Good luck with the rest of your move!

  3. Hope you got to your new home, got the bed delivered, had a cup of coffee and have started settling in. Looking forward to hearing more once you have some time to post again.