Saturday, June 30, 2012

Settling In

Photo of Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island
I have been unemployed on purpose for four weeks now and have found the most difficult part of that is feeling productive. I have never really been unemployed and there have been a few times this month where panic has set in about not having money coming in(me), which in reality is not true since hubby's company is already making money and we have savings in the bank for the purpose of taking time off.

Most of the month has been spent packing, driving, moving, unpacking and arranging hookups, insurance and getting ready to change over our auto insurance to B.C.. Hubby drove his car over the mountain this past Thursday and now all our vehicles, hamster, and crap is here so we can relax a little.

We go to the Ocean(five minutes away) at least three times a week and as my mother lives just under two hours away we have visited a couple of times. She gifted me four flower pots this week which is great since only one flower pot made it on the moving truck as the others were too large. The planting supplies will be purchased this week as everything is on sale due to being very late in the planting season. The budget for plants and seeds will be $30 which is very low but I intend to be creative with a mix of flowers, herbs and some tomatoes. Once planted I will share some pictures with you.

There is a great farm market near where my mother lives with really cheap veggies so I stopped and got:

10 lbs potatoes $3.99
3 lbs onions $1.49
bunch of celery .99
two red delicious apples .63 (.69/lb)
field cucumber .99
loaf home made bread $1.50
large Yellow pepper .70 (.59/lb)
Pineapple $1.59

Total $11.97

Likely savings were 30% to 50% from a regular grocery store which usually have one or two of those items that cheap as a loss leader but not consistently that low. Later in the summer the prices go even lower so I will go to this market every time we visit her. Next week I will share with you my May and June Grocery budget results as both months were over budget(with good reasons) but I will make the overages up in the Fall once things settle down and the pantry is once again full.

Mother also gifted some vintage goodies and a new thrift store was found so will share all those items in a post tomorrow.

For all those who live in Canada Happy Canada Day and all of those in who live in the USA happy Fourth of July. I am a dual citizen of both USA and Canada so can celebrate both! For anyone living anywhere else - have a great weekend!


  1. Glad to see you are starting to settle in. I look forward to you upcoming blogs about frugal living.

  2. How wonderful to be able to see the ocean three times a week!

  3. I'm sure it is a shock sometimes to realise you are not 'earning' but I'm sure you'll adjust. Sounds like you are filling your life with wonderful new adventures. The 3 times a week trips to the beach. Being close to your Mum. Wonderful.

    The farmers market sounds such good value too.

    Great to hear your news.

    Sft x

  4. Found your webpage when doing a search for "unemployed." I am actually unemployed on purpose but love what you've done with this blog site and blog posts. Love the tips and value you provide to those that might be unemployed and struggling. Blessings to you.

    I have created a Fan Page and Facebook and wonder if I could use your photo you have here.

    1. Sure, just please link back to my blog. Thanks!