Friday, March 23, 2012

Taking a Chance To Save Money

So, dear hubby was not always as thrifty as he is today. When I met him (9 years ago next month) he was charming, but a name brand man. Slowly I have chipped away at his name brand exterior and he realizes now that we can eat a nice, well balanced and tasty diet on a low grocery budget(approximately 30-40% of what we used to spend per month). This is done a variety of ways - primarily through scratch cooking, coupons, and stocking up on items that are one sale.

Today I was nearing the end of the grocery budget dollars with several days left to go in the month. We needed garbage bags (ran out last week but I was stretching things) so I picked up a box of 40 bags for $4.79 of an unknown brand versus name brand Glad 40 bags for $18.99. You cannot tell me Glad is four times better than these - hubby is skeptical but to save that kind of money it is worth a shot. Nine times out of ten they are just as good (or almost as good which also works in my books). I hope to prove Hubby wrong - I will post results in a few weeks after using them.

Yesterday hubby managed to sell a set of golf clubs purchased seven or eight years ago for the kids to learn on - but unused in the past two years - we unloaded them for $100. For that price he even delivered them as had to run an errand on the other end of the town and he was anxious to close the deal.

Tally for Vancouver Island Savings Account (aka household crap sold fund) $1765.

I gave a few items away to a friend: crock pot and large urn for flowers. This weekend I will try to freecycle some items and he hopes to sell our snow blower to a friend.

No offers on the house yet - we have had more snow in March than all winter so that has slowed viewings. I had originally intended to rake the lawn this weekend but a dump last night of 3 inches has killed that idea.

Cheers - happy bargain hunting. Sunday I will post all my treasures from thrift stores for the past two weeks!

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  1. Well done on showing your man the benefits of saving money, my hubby was new to what we call the 'executive hippy' lifestyle lol but now fully embraces it and hates wasting anything, especially money!