Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Island Pad Purchase and Deals This Week

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This week has been filled with arranging utility hookups, insurance, transferring money to lawyers, signing legal documents, and prepping for key hand-over date on March 30th of our little pad on Vancouver Island. Comox suffered hurricane force winds last week and sustained lots of damage - here is hoping none of the small trees in the yard suffered any damage.

We fly out on the 28th which will give us two days to buy some bedding and furniture. Needless to say, there has not been much time for blogging.

Deals this week:
Blow up Coleman Airbed Queen size which will act as our temporary bedding until furniture is shipped and then it will become spare bed for family regular $120 on sale $70(Canadian Tire). This deal involved having my mother who lives on the island pick up the sale for me - lucky for us she got one of the last ones. Savings $50

20 lbs potatoes for $5.99 - same price as a 10 lb bag
Yes, we eat a lot of potatoes. Some have already been roasted to go with BBQ meat.
10 lbs onions for $2.99 - the last batch from the same store lasted three months and was still fresh down to the last onion.

I also picked up several thrift store goodies which I will share in a different post on the weekend. It does seem the Salvation Army here has nearly doubled their prices. Last weekend I walked in to drop off some clothing for donation and found nothing - can you believe NOTHING to purchase! I even had a conversation with another lady who was complaining about the retail prices ($10 for a non-collectible glass salad bowl). Unfortunately only charity will suffer from their doubling of prices. May is garage sale season and I cannot wait!

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