Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Vancouver Island near Parksville - taken March 2011 (edited with ipiccy)

This week was not a great week for me. I got depressed and turned into a mass of snivelling tears with hubby looking at me like I was losing my mind. He is in a different mindset of exciting self employment - in one short month he got his first payday from a client, incorporated, set up his website and got business cards, envelopes and letterhead printed. He does not dread getting up every day to go to a mindless job to take crap from jerks. That would be my life. I know I am quitting this job but it is sapping every bit of life out of me right now. So, last night we developed my exit strategy.

Our house has not sold yet. In just less than four weeks we take possession of our little pad by the sea in Comox. We don't really want to live apart, nor do we want to have either home be vacant. Hubby is in his glory setting up his company. He is also better at selling our house and it is not safe for me to be showing the house alone so we both agree this is the best plan.

My last day of work (at the very latest) will be June 22. If the house has still not sold by that time I will live in the Vancouver Island house and hubby will stay back to sell the house and furniture. He will fly out to see me every three weeks-we are constantly collecting points in preparation for this and it may cost us but we absolutely hate being apart for more than a few days. At least we have a plan now as showings have slowed (although there are more jobs than bodies now in Alberta) due to a couple of snowstorms. The second the snow melts, the grass grows and the birds come back our house will sell as we back onto a wetland - we are sure of this and have repriced the house in anticipation.

In the mean time we are flying out to our new home to get the keys and set up housekeeping on March 28. We will have very little furniture and be sleeping on an airbed but will have: small tv, dvd player, bed, side tables (several items will be borrowed from my mother as we own all of the above once the furniture is shipped after the house sells), a folding kitchen table and chairs. Anything we can't take in our suitcases or borrow from Mom we will buy from the thrift store.

I feel better now - we have a plan.


  1. Chin up! We sold our house in S. Ontario to the first person that looked at it and then had to take a 2 week trip to PEI to buy a house. At the end of week 1 we still hadn't found a house. We persevered and found our house, with only days to spare.
    It all tends to work itself out!

  2. Yes, thanks for your kind words. I think I am a wee bit cabin feverish. If nothing else I have an escape to the ocean for a couple of days plus get to see my Mother.

  3. I know how you feel, when we decided to come to Canada from Britain our house hadn't sold. We couldn't bear to be apart as a family, so luckily my mother stepped in and said she would co-ordinate the sale of our house in Britain. We moved to Canada the end of May and it took until the end of November before we sold the house in Britain.

    Here's hoping things pick up in the showings; I would give the real estate agents a prod as that is what you are paying them for!!!