Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Themed Sunday Including Thrift Store Find

This entry is themed green in Honor of St. Patrick's Day which is just around the corner.

The photo above is some shamrock (possibly, really not sure what it is - could be clover) that grew in the moss on my little palm tree. The palm tree is slowly dying but the shamrock is taking off!

The little pepper plant that flowered last month now has a 1/2 inch pepper!

This is my only thrift store find this week - divided vegetable dish - not marked. Goodwill .99 cents - the colour just shouts Spring to me.

Finally, saving some Green - Free frozen yogurt with use of $5 off coupon from Chapmans - $4.99= .01 cent to go towards other groceries.

If you haven't tried Chapmans Icecream - you really should - the absolute best icecream and frozen yogurt ever. I already buy this brand as a treat about once every three months - free is even better!

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  1. love that you incorporated thrift finds and grocery scores in one post! I do both as well and love seeing it all!

  2. That's a cute little dish! :) My girls LOVE Chapmans ice cream! They're local to me too! :)