Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy Week: Funeral, Showing home, Selling Stuff!


Two side tables and a chest of drawers. $50 (fibreboard hubby's post divorce used furniture bought 12 years ago-we have been married 5.5 yrs now - time to say goodbye). The TV hasn't sold - it is extremely difficult to unload old TVs - I asked all my friends if they wanted it free and no takers. I will likely have to freecycle it. We shall give it a little more time as I am trying to get as much money out of selling off our belongings as possible.

Mirror $20 - this was an 8 year old gift that no longer works with our downsize decor

Hoover shampooer $60. Purchased for about $200 eight years ago, used about 15 times-paid for itself many times over. We still need one but as I bought the exact same model for my mother five years ago to help her deal with aging pets we are sharing hers until a new one needs to be bought - we will then buy the replacement when hers dies(she also lives on Vancouver Island). Sharing rarely used items with family or friends saves money and space.

Total Household Crap Sold to Date: $1665

The only thing we have sold that requires replacing when we get to Vancouver Island is a patio set - our old one weighed too much (800 lbs or so) to consider shipping it.

Today we went to the funeral of hubby's 90 year old Uncle, a bit of a reclusive man but honored WWII veteran - a tank driver who joined the Canadian military voluntarily at age of 20. Hubby's family is Ukrainian Roman Catholic on his fathers side and Ukrainian Orthodox on his mothers side. This is the first time (other than a trip to Greece) where I have been inside an Orthodox Church. It was extremely beautiful - three gigantic glass chandeliers, gilt woodwork, red velvet, at least 50 religious iconic paintings and Priest robes of royal purple and gold. His cousin is an Orthodox Priest and he officiated for his Uncles funeral. We wanted to take a picture inside the church - with the sunshine streaming in the stained windows but unfortunately based on the circumstances it was not the right time. The ceremony was mostly singing both in Ukrainian and English - lots of holy water and incense. A very long day(2 hrs church, 1 hr graveside both religious and veteran service, then 1.5 hr lunch), but a nice way to remember someone.

We came back home to this little guy sunning himself and chewing on old grass in our backyard. Mr jackrabbit is starting to change from his winter white to his summer brown. A little splotchy right now but yet another sign of Spring.

We have a showing tommorrow evening of the house - wish us luck!


  1. I have tried to get rid of a tv on Kijiji with no takers.

    Good luck with the showing.........


  2. Love the mirror! If I were closer, i'd buy it! You're doing awesome with your sales.. wow! :) I'm sorry to hear about hubbys uncle. :( The service sounds like it was beautiful though....

    I'm SO jealous that you find bunnys in your garden!! Have you been to my blog lately? I found TWO SNAKES in my garden the other day! Wanna trade!?!?