Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrift Store Finds and a Spring Blossom

Saturday I was free to do as I wish, an empty house as hubby had a seminar to go to, stepkids were with their Mom, so you can guess where I was. Salvation Army! Sparse pickings - I had difficulty finding anything to take home. They had some really pretty vintage aprons priced at $10 each - youch! Fine if they were for myself but as I was purchasing for reselling I left them there. Next Saturday they have a 50% off everything sale and I have picked out several things that were a bit overpriced but will likely buy them then if still there. All I brought home were these:

Two Munder-email modern (definitely not vintage) blue and white enamel mugs for 99 cents each. I saw they were quality, and marked so took a chance. There are none on Ebay but apparently Munder-email is a small upmarket enamelware company out of Germany. There is a European company called that carries them for 6.49 Euros ($13 Canadian each). Hubby, who doesn't really get vintage but is supportive of my future reselling business loves them. I collect blue and white pottery and porcelain so was instantly attracted to them although will still likely sell them unless hubby insists we keep them.

There is a snowstorm raging right now so my photos are dark, just waiting for the days of Spring so I can take nice photos with natural light again. In the mean time I am sharing a set of teacups hubby inherited from his Great Aunt a few years ago. She never had children and his Great Uncle had passed away a decade earlier than her. They were apparently a very frugal couple who doted on their Nephews. It is not a complete set, four dinner plates, three teacups and eight saucers. Don't these just say Spring?

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Well, I am off to browse some blogs and read a book. Have a great Sunday!