Monday, February 20, 2012

How Did We Accumulate So Much Crap? Update on Downsize

It is really mind boggling that we have already sold $1475 worth of household crap since Fall, and you can't even really tell. The house is still fully furnished as we are carefully downsizing but need the house to show with furniture.

Sold this week on (stools and cabinet pictured here):

Spare double bed including boxspring and metal frame $175 (we delivered-we have a truck and they didn't - beds sell much easier this way)
Two Wooden Stools $20
Metal File cabinet $15 (we got this item free a few years ago when we bought hubby's office set used)
Desk $40

We only have two items that we listed that have not yet sold and two of the above items were relisted so that they would show up on the first page as were buried on page 6 after just a few days. We dropped their price by $5 each and they went. The most amazing is that everyone who said they were coming to buy showed up! Not a single no show.

Fate is also making a play in this downsize: shattered a pot lid by dropping it(metal with glass - not replacing) and killed the 4 piece toaster (ok, it just died) so we had to buy a new one but downsized just to a 2 piece. I even let hubby take it apart (for show) to try and fix it before it went to the appliance guy in the sky.

I also dropped off 40 wire hangers at our drycleaners rather than take them to the landfill.

You would think it would be easier to have a garage sale, and we likely will if still here in Alberta when the weather permits (earliest garage sales are May here) but prices sell for much lower and I hate to leave everything to the last minute.

Now we look around and say "What else can we get rid of?" It begs the question, how much stuff does it take for you to have a happy life? A lot less I would say.


  1. oh man, i can so relate. when we moved into our house 15 years ago, we moved from a tiny basement suite (600 sq. ft) to an 1800 sq ft house and almost filled it. the only pieces of furniture we bought then were a dining room table and a desk. now we are full up again. i remember saying to my hubby then, 'we should pretend we're moving every 2 years so that we just get rid of junk'. how does it happen in the first place, that's what i wanna know. i don't think of myself as an over consumer but i guess i am! arrrggghhh! maybe i should give up stuff for Lent. :-)

    1. Or sell crap for a goal, maybe a trip? I find that is motivating.