Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Sold" on Kijiji

Last weekend we posted six items on The two items we thought would sell the fastest have already gone (and no no-shows!)

Furniture Dolly. We purchased this two years ago at a garage sale down the block. I thought it was a great deal for $15. We have only used it a couple of times so in hindsight likely should not have bought it. Fortunately someone else thought they should have one. Sold for $25- a gain of $10! It sure pays to buy things used - you have a hope of getting your money out should you ever need to sell it.

The second item we were not quite so lucky. Thrifty hubby has a bad back. Years of chiropractor fees later, he is constantly trying to find relief. He bought this back massager at Bed Bath and Beyond for $250. Hardly used as right after he bought it I found a $3500 used massage chair (the kind that does your legs and arms too) that we managed to buy for $1800 on Kijiji. We have no regrets on the purchase and consider it money well spent on health. Hubby uses it on a daily basis and has hardly needed to see the chiropractor since. This Homedics back massager sold for $100 - yes, a loss of $150. That is what we get for buying new - instant depreciation.

We have had some other inquiries and hope to sell some of the other items in the coming weeks. Every sale is a victory and one step closer to our goal of downsizing and the big move to Vancouver Island!


  1. I have wanted a dolly for a long time but am too cheap to buy one at retail. I find myself borrowing one at least 4 times a year. Thank goodness for good neighbors!

  2. I love buying used for exactly this reason, too. Good job on the dolly, and the massage chair! Some things we just need to learn the hard way, and, unfortunately, sometimes we need to learn them more than once!

  3. I bought a hand truck dolly and used it quite a few times, especially in the move loading up. But we had no room to bring it and I sold it at the yard sale for what I paid. In the six months since we have needed a dolly twice. Lo and behold there was an old piano dolly left here that fit the bill. I prefer the hand truck style like you had, but both work better than the old skateboard I was using!