Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frugal Things We Did This Week

Sometimes it is difficult to be frugal. Let's face it, it is much easier to eat out and buy new things rather than use what you have, fix what is broke and to make meals from scratch. Convenience costs. Frugality is sometimes work, but pays off.

Our frugal deeds this week:

-Ironed four shirts - I hate ironing and delay wearing certain items in my wardrobe due to this hate of ironing. I am now trying to only buy non-iron clothes but have made the mistake in the past. By ironing these shirts it is like wearing a new wardrobe - unseen in months (I have bought no clothes except 3 pair of socks and a bra since the new year - those were bought with a gift card won in a contest)

-gathered all the buttons in my house and put them in one jar - it does not seem like a frugal task but by doing so I found a missing button to a favorite shirt. I then sewed the button back on that shirt and now I have yet another shirt not seen in months to wear to work this week

-did not eat out at all this week except lunch with the girls from work on Friday - weekly ritual (skipped last week due to illness). This week I suggested a less expensive deli option which is half the price of the usual place - savings $7

-Made every meal from scratch this weekend (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, stirfry, oatmeal, eggs, blueberry and apple crisp) plus did not run out to the store since Friday - used what we had in the pantry, fridge and freezer

-did not get in my car and drive anywhere Sunday and Monday (Monday was a holiday here in Alberta) so counting them as no spend days including no gas

-husband fixed a light socket in the house that was not working (DIY pays)

-converted several unused items to cash by selling on Kijiji (even without moving they hadn't been used in months - should have done this a while ago)

-juggled vehicles so the gas guzzling truck was used little and my econo car was used most (we are getting rid of said gas guzzling truck within two months - downsizing from three to two vehicles) saving money on gas

-Dear husband was out getting replacement socket for said DIY fixit and saw "The Blind Side" on DVD. He wanted to buy it pretty badly so I could see it as he had seen it with the kids and knew I would love it. Keeping in mind our new "work less live more" mantra he did not buy the DVD(thank goodness). When he got home I was making dinner, watching the first five minutes of "The Blind Side" on TV. We have a TV in the kitchen - I saw it was going to be on and timed dinner so I could watch - he was so happy when he got home. We did dishes between commercials, and watched the movie for free. Frugal Fate? I think so.

Please feel free to post even the smallest thing you did this past week to save money.


  1. Inspirational, I need to take a lesson from this post.

    1. Thanks, sometimes I need to write it down to feel like I have accomplished anything

  2. I have eaten leftovers from my "Pizza Casserole", for two days now - got our money's worth out of that one!!!

    1. Excellent - that is an area I am trying to do better in. Less food waste and using up leftovers.