Friday, July 15, 2011

Maximize the Airmiles

Tamarindo surfing beach

With time booked off in September to go househunting on Vancouver Island our air mile accounts were reviewed and we were 80 airmiles short of two plane tickets (this after already redeeming three air tickets earlier this year).

Today I managed to spend $76.03 and received 148 air miles at Safeway! A return ticket high season Edmonton to Victoria takes only 900 air miles (I am a gold collector and have accumulated 1700 just since February 2011).

Yes, I did end up paying higher prices than normal and splurged on some items (like Tropicana Orange Juice) but we get two free air tickets plus some groceries out of it.

Estimated savings? $650

How do I get so many air miles?
1. Buy gas at Shell
2. Have Air Miles Bank of Montreal Mastercard, use for everything, pay off every month with zero interest ($99 annual fee, 1 air mile per $15 spent)
3. Occasionally shop at Safeway with a view of collecting points on high point items only (their groceries generally cost more)
4. Occasionally eat out and collect at Boston Pizza

The best part? Even if you don't want to pay $99 for the mastercard you can still collect as a shopper for free. You can redeem for a wide variety of gift certificates if you don't travel. See today for the best Canadian freebie of all.

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