Monday, July 11, 2011

June 2011 Grocery Tally, Coupons and more Costa Rica Photos

Grocery Budget for June 2011 $450.00 plus $10.41 left from May=$460.41
less $90 for travel days (applied towards travel budget) = $370.41

Actual: 359.29! $11.12 Carried forward to July.

Coupons used $14.48(year to date $279.96)

My worst month for coupon use this year. Fact: It is much easier to scout for bargains and use coupons when you have time. This month I had none!

Best deals this month:

Used clothes! Now at the six month mark for 2011 and my clothing budget is as follows:

$282 Spent
$136 in new clothing: red trench coat, bra, 3 pairs pantyhose and 1 shirt
$146 in used clothing: 4 pair shorts, 20 shirts and 1 fall jacket

I shopped a little more than expected in June for clothing to wear on my trip to Costa Rica but ended up with a lot of good summer clothes which will also be very useful on Vancouver Island with a much warmer climate.

My best buy of this month:
summer top that is non-wrinkle, was purchased for $2.50 and travels wonderfully as you can scrunch it up into a 2 x 2 inch ball for packing.

Even better, hubby says it is his new favorite shirt!

Freebies this month:
Triscuit Free Product Coupon
Nesquick Free Product Coupon
Stride Pack of gum

Costa Rica was such a memorable trip. I was able to meet up with friends over at Happier Than a Billionaire to discuss Nadine's new book and their four exciting years living in Costa Rica after selling all their belongings and Chiropractic businesses and moving to Costa Rica. It sounds like a pipe dream but four years later and they seem to have no regrets. They are healthier, happier and likely will live longer for the choice.

Our goal is similar. By June 2012 we hope to be mostly unemployed living on Vancouver Island. We will sell all our assets and downsize, choosing quality of life over career status.

I see hours of taking pictures in my future!

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