Sunday, July 17, 2011

The $16 Watermelon and $9.99 Cheez Wiz Story

I hate feeling ripped off at the grocery store. These days it seems easier than ever to blow your grocery budget.

Right before our trip to Costa Rica I was craving watermelon. As it is healthy for you I was going to cave to the craving. Four days to go before the trip I did not think I would be able to eat a whole watermelon. My grocery store, Sobeys, has half watermelons available. Unfortunately in a hurry I did not look at the price (they are counting on that). That week there was also a special on strawberries (shipped all the way from California) for .99 a pint. At the cash register I nearly had a heart attack. $8 for half a watermelon! The poor teenage girl did not know how to take my exclaimation "Are you kidding me! $16 for a whole watermelon! Please take that off my bill!" I refuse to be ripped off by grocery stores. I could almost air ship the damn watermelon from Central America cheaper. I went home with only my .99 strawberries.

A second incident at the same store this week has me intending to talk to the manager next time about their outrageous prices. Cheez whiz, that nasty processed cheese goup that hubby can't live without was on sale at multiple grocery stores this past week for $4.99. Unfortunately I missed the sale at Sobeys by one day (looked at the flier incorrectly) and got home with $9.99 Cheez Whiz. Not wanting to return to the store that night (note to self - look at the receipt before leaving the parking lot) the Cheez Whiz was left in the bag with receipt out of hubbys sight lest he open it in a midnight snack moment. The nice girl at customer services was very helpful but promptly told me they don't price match. Are you kidding me? So she accepted my return and I purchased a new bottle at Save On Foods for $4.99 on the way home from work (no extra gas involved but still expensive in my books).

So in a total refusal to be ripped off by Grocery Stores I intend to shop at three different grocery stores plus Walmart to keep within the grocery budget. Meat at Save On, Produce at Sobeys and everthing else wherever the sales are. And yes, the next time this happens I will be hunting down the manager to give him or her a piece of my mind.

One day, I hope to be a little more self sufficient growing fruit and veggies in a climate that has more than a 60 day growing season. Until that day, grocery store manager, you better watch out. I'm watching you.

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