Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Day of the New Year 2011

One of my 2011 goals is to become less wastefull. On that note this morning was spent finishing the recycled Christmas cards into new gift tags using 100% recycled materials including ribbon.

On Christmas all paper,wrapping,ribbons,bows and garbage was put into a garbage bag and then stored until this morning. I divided all the non-recylable materials and was left with a pretty small pile of trash. Used non-foil paper is going into recyling. All of the above is being recycled for next year.

On the "No More Christmas Crap" note I am making a conscious decision to save things throughout the year that come into the house for Christmas decorating and wrapping. Based on everything that was recycled this year and the amount of leftover wrapping paper bought on sale last year for pennies on the dollar, I likely will never have to buy Christmas crap including bows and ribbons again. When the supply runs out I will turn to nature (pinecones, seashells, and holly) or freecycle (Christmas cookie tins).

I don't think of this as a New Years Resolution, maybe a change in lifestyle?

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