Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blizzard, Freebie and Used Clothes

I am stuck in the house this weekend (literally) after our 2 foot snowfall since Friday, and frankly have a bit of cabin fever. My car is quite low to the ground therefore am waiting until they plow some of the roads and others have packed down the snow before venturing out. In case of emergency hubby does have a 4x4 truck but since they recommend not travelling at all on our roads unless absolutely necessary I am heeding that warning and am hibernating in the house this weekend. Stockpiling groceries certainly is a good idea in climates (like Alberta, Canada)that may leave you stranded at home with no way to reach stores for several days. I have to return to work on Monday therefore am anticipating an adventure on the commute. Thank goodness for the internet, pvr and books. I might even be motivated to do so baking!

I shall share with you some finds from earlier this week since due to confinement there has been no shopping this weekend:

Banana Republic fall coat - $7.99 at Goodwill, similar coats sell for $120 on the Banana Republic website, and this one appears never to have been worn.

Kenneth Cole reaction T-shirt $4.99, retail price would have been around $35-50.

And the best freebie I have ever received, a size 10 brand new pair of Haggar pants from doing a survey (I am on their email list). They fit perfectly, retail for $59 and will add to my work wardrobe. This product normally is carried by the Hudson Bay stores in Canada.

Total cost for these three wardrobe pieces? $12.98 Canadian with approximate value of $215!

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