Friday, January 14, 2011

Groovy deals this week

This week has been bitterly cold in Alberta averaging minus 25-30 degrees Celsius all week, therefore my shopping has been limited to 1 store per 5 minute after work dash.

How do I find the deals? I comb the fliers on Thursday evenings and make a list of all the deals specific to stores. I only actually buy the deals that are most needed. My stockpile never usually exceeds 6 of any one item and watch carefully about good by/sell by dates.

This weeks best bargains:
Secret deodorant (my usual brand) on sale this week for
$2.57 x 6 - $14 (2 x $7 WUB3 coupons)=
Total after taxes (GST) $2.19 for six!!

Rexall Drugstore
Fa Yogurt honey bodywash (Regular 5.99) on sale $1.16 x 5
Febreze noticable refills (Regular 4.99) on sale 2.96 x 2 - $2 WUB2 coupon
Rexall brand barbeque chips (Regular .99) on sale .50
Rexall branch 250 count tablet vitamin C chews (regular $15.99) on sale 1.66
Rexall muscle & back relief 40 count (Regular 16.99) on sale 9.99

Total after taxes and coupons $23.07

Not much in the way of food deals this week - mostly non-food items but my freezer and pantry are full so no worries, I will continue to only buy at the absolute lowest cost.

Good news this week, one of my favorite U.S.A. stores is coming to Canada to take over my least favorite Canadian retailer - Zellers! I actually made a commitment to myself this year that I would not spend one dollar in Zellers (due to poor customer service, no recognition of the scanning code of practice, and dirty stores), even if the item was free - that is how much I hate Zellers. On the other hand, I was waiting for Target to start cross border online shipping, but this is even better! We will have to wait until 2012 but all the Zellers stores will be closed, remodeled and reopened under the Target brand (think upscale Walmart if you are not familiar with shopping there). Yay!

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