Monday, November 1, 2010

October Monthly Tally

Coupon savings in October was one of the lowest this year - just $26.11 - but that doesn't mean I didn't get any bargains.

I found great deals on vitamins (last years stock, with validation dates to 2012), 2.26/1kg instant coffee and Halloween treats on sale at Canadian tire at 80% off on October 30th - none of which I used coupons for.

Best deal of the month?

Zellers Greenworks sale 1.88 per bottle x 3 = 5.64 - $5 coupon when you buy 3 = .22 cents per bottle. Better yet, they are environmentally friendly!
Kelloggs Applejacks 1.50
Nescafe singles = free with FPC coupon

Total including tax for everything in photo $2.45

Year to date coupon savings $1154.64
September grocery bill $580.54 - goal was $450.

Please note this includes Halloween treats for 100 kids (I live in a busy neighborhood), and Thanksgiving Dinner with a 17 lb bird and pie for seven (all age 13 and up).

Hopefully November and December grocery bills are a bit lower.

Favorite deals this month? Good will purchase of Land's End sweater $4.99 and Bianca Nygard red jacket $4.99- it just screams Christmas Party, doesn't it!

Update on Hamster Marishka:
Unfortunately once our baby hamster was put under the vet realized that her lump was not removable. We woke her up without cutting into her and we will try and make sure her life is long, happy and pain free (monitoring closely). For now she is still a happy hamster, and will continue to enjoy us spoiling her (fingers and toes crossed).

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