Monday, October 25, 2010

Today I am Thankful For

Normally I write about money on this blog. Usually saving, scrimping and bargains. Today I am writing as I am thankful that I have enough money for an operation on our little hamster Marishka. Usually people think of hamsters as dispensable. They only cost $10-20 and they are replaceable. Not so, just ask any hamster owner. In our family due to allergies and schedules hamsters are the only pets we can have. We own three royally spoiled hamsters. Our littlest hamster Baby Marishka (female vampire from movie Van Helsing as was a biter when she was younger) which is a Russian jumping hampster has a little growth by her hind leg which has grown to critical size.

A visit to a vet and options were:
a) leave it and see her deteriorate
b) pay mucho dollars and have them operate to remove it, hopefully for a healthy natural full life of 1.5 to 2.5 more years

Yes, it is costing me two days worth of pay for this operation - but she means the world to us and I would give up way more than that for her.

So today I am thankful that having the operation is even an option with our finances as would not have been for some.

Fingers and toes crossed...update on Baby Marishka to come.

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