Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buying No More Christmas Crap!

We own a lot of Christmas crap. We have inherited, bought or been given enough to decorate 3 houses worth. As I was putting away the Halloween decorations this week I realized that there is no need to spend 1 cent on decorations, wrappings, cards, ribbons or anything else other than gifts this year for Christmas.

Last year during the first week of January I found a large stash of Christmas paper at the local Rexall for .26 cents per package of four rolls. $15.99 Christmas cards for $1.99 on sale were found at Shoppers Drug Mart along with .25 cent Christmas tags. Score! As always I stocked up as never had seen lower prices.

The only problem is - I love Christmas crap! Every year the Christmas crap pile has been added to with purchase of at least one new Christmas item - not this year!

My pledge is to only decorate the house and gifts give with the existing stash. If I run low on any item I will simply get creative. It sounds easy but with loads of Christmas goodies at Homesense and Pier One calling my name a difficult task is ahead.

So, as the Christmas wreath goes on the door this year, I solemnly pledge to buy NO MORE CHRISTMAS CRAP! I shall save some money and at the same time:
1. Use up what I have
2. Recycle (definitely going through the after-Christmas wrapper trash this year to separate re-usable bows and sparklies)
3. Get creative when I run low or run out by using alternatives we already have

If you are low on Christmas items to decorate your place with this year I suggest your local thrift store - on a book run to goodwill this week many Christmas goodies spotted including four Christmas trees in very good condition, numerous decorations and holiday bobbles all at rock bottom prices. Definitely qualifies in the recycle category!

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