Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bits and Bobs, and Freebies

A few unrelated thoughts today:
Holding strong on buying no more Christmas crap(for myself). Did some window shopping at an overpriced Greenhouse near my home that has a seasonal Christmas Store. Bought nothing there..$26.50 for one ornament!!

In the mail today:
Used paperback novel Martha Grimes - The Anodyne Necklace ordered from Amazon - free with use of amazon.ca egiftcards earned on swagbucks.com.
Current issue of Marie Claire Magazine - free with use of icoke.ca points
Bill for vehicle registration - yuck
Coupons for cheese
Coupons from save.ca
Coupons from Pampers
Free Cargo Lip gloss 30 pack - ordered from icoke.ca

Not too shabby - zero out of pocket(**with exception of the bill) and lots of goodies.

There has not been much shopping this week, I was very sick so window shopped the web.

Deal of the week: Sobeys sale for sugar $1/1kg. I bought the last three. Apparently, if sugar is stored in the appropriate dry sealed conditions it has no expiration date.

Food bank donations for tomorrow(out of pocket cost .15 for GST - all items were free with coupons)

Finally, link of the week, a very cool flicker-er who posts daily pictures of her beautiful life in France living off the land. What a beautiful photographer and a truly inspiring individual.

These Days in French Life

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