Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Weeks Bargains, Freebies and Happy Birthday to Me

Just sharing a few bargains picked up this week.

The September long weekend I have a family wedding to attend and nothing to wear. 10 minutes on my lunchbreak at Good will and the results: Cute summer dress $7.99. I brought it home, washed in gentle cycle in the washing machine and hung to dry - no drycleaning involved. I have the perfect sandals and accessories to go with it already so now I am good to go.

Sobeys Western Canada had a sale on my favorite laundry detergent - Sunlight green clean - smells great(Lavender) and easy on the environment. Regular price $7.99 per bottle - 32 loads - on sale $4.99. I generally stack coupons at London Drugs to get them for $.99-$3 but those coupons seem to be running out so I decided to use all of my $2 off coupons for a year supply (2 already in cupboard) - 6 bottles - $12 in coupon savings. Sobeys had a side promotion where you buy 2 get 150 so Sobeys points. I also picked up 486 points (700 points = $5 free product).

So time for some cheap chick math

6 x $2.99 + tax $1.80 (only GST in Alberta - charged to precoupon price) - $3.47 Sobeys pts savings = $16.27 for 6 bottles or = $2.72 per bottle after tax.

***cheap chick insight - I would never pay $7.99 for this product - no product is worth that high price. Where there is a will there is a way!

A freebie came in the mail this week

- as ordered with my free gift cards last week from Swagbucks (see post) one of my books came in - The Cheapskate Next Door. Just had a chance to read one chapter last night, very interesting. I like real stories about what real people do to save money - not just tips. I can't wait to get some time this weekend to read more.

Finally, my favorite find of the week - a Happy Birthday to me present - yes, I turned 41 this week. I used some of the $100 from my Mother in law's gift (yes, I have a nice Mother in law) for:

Kenneth Cole black leather hobo designer purse

Purchased at the Bay in clearance

Regular Price $205 reduced to $122.99 and rang through the till at $72.56 including GST! I found the same bag on the Kenneth Cole Website for $179 USD - I got a great deal!

The reality of it is this is the first designer purse I have ever purchased. Usually the no name models are good enough for me - maximum $30. Often I am able to find nice smaller purses at Goodwill but have had no luck finding larger ones in good condition that don't look like diaper bags. The major dilemma has been that when you use coupons you need a purse big enough to carry the Dollorama coupon organizer that is taken everywhere to never miss a coupon bargain . This is kind of hard on purses and they get more than normal wear and tear. My mission was to find a nice larger leather size purse that would hopefully last longer than the six months my recent ones have. I was hoping to invest more money for a longer term investment. I think I was pretty successful - got some style too!

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