Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool and Sustainable Product of the Day

I was browsing my brand new Ikea catalogue and came across something very special.
Everyone at some point or other has owned something made by Ikea.
They offer affordable and forward thinking design solutions.

This time they have a real winner on their hands.

The $19.99 CAD Sunnan Solar Cell Powered Lamp

Why do I like it so much?
  • Affordable sustainability
  • No electrical connections required, if fully charged gives 3 hours of fully powered light
  • Uses LED lights that last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • The product includes 3 rechargeable AA 1.2V batteries which are recharged by the solar panels
  • Comes in blue, green, yellow, orange and red for those who care about design
  • Would work very well for non-electrified buildings, cabins, or those just trying to cut back on their electricity bill and carbon footprint

And the best part? Kudos to Ikea:

For every SUNNAN sold at Ikea Worldwide they donate one unit to UNICEF and SAVE THE CHILDREN to help kids in developing countries living in homes with no electricity do their homework after sundown.

****no, this was not a paid product referral - I just like it!

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