Sunday, May 28, 2017


Comox Marina May 2017

Three sleeps until we depart on another epic adventure...if we get there.  We are supposed to be flying out with British Airways first to London then to Athens and due to a "technical glitch" that airline has had a total failure of all of it's systems.  I feel for the thousands of passengers whose flights were cancelled yesterday and today. It seems their website is now back up, most long haul flights are a go and by tomorrow most of their schedule should be back on track.  They still are trying to rebook passengers though which is a gigantic headache when people are stuck all over the place.    I am trying to be cautiously optimistic that things will have almost sorted itself in three days time.  We plan to expect the worst and hope for the best, no different than I said a few posts ago as all airlines have issues.

Crab traps 
In the mean time I had a very nice weekend that started with a fabulous Friday night dinner with two other couples, one who is an Indian friend who cooked us all an amazing meal.  That was my first experience with true Indian food and we loved it!  We had butter chicken and another dish with paneer cheese stir fried with peppers which was my favorite.  My only other Indian food experience was a restaurant that wasn't great so now I will definitely give Indian food two thumps up.  Lots of laughs too, it sure is nice to be around friends once in a while.

Saturday I spent the afternoon with a blogging friend, Jane from Crabapple Landing is visiting here on Vancouver Island and we met up for a walk on the beach and a lunch in a pub overlooking the Marina.  She really is as nice as she seems on her blog and I hope to see her again.  She has the photographic evidence of the meetup so I will borrow her photo of us later when she gets home from her adventures to post here.

Other than that, business is winding down.  We have a couple of online appointments tomorrow, a couple of phone calls on Tuesday and that is it as we told most of our clients that Monday was our last day in office.

On the weight front my goal this week was to do 70,000 steps and with an afternoon walk on the beach later today with hubby and Buddy I shall achieve that goal, even after I got stung on the foot in the yard Wednesday by a hornet while taking Buddy out for his morning duty.  That day I only did 3000 steps so had to make it up on the other days - and I managed to do it! **update** I ended the week at 75,830 steps! I will definitely keep up the walking on my return as it is the main reason I am slowly losing weight, down to 138 pounds this week, and my goal had been under 140 by the time we went on holiday  - Success, an 8 pound total loss to date!  I hope to lose between 5-10 pounds more then maintain and tone which are also very important.   I did cave in and bought a mini cheesecake(I've been craving one and they were half price) this week after 9 weeks without sugary sweets...that day I did 14000 steps and my weight didn't even blip up so if you walk enough you can have the occasional treat too.

We are mostly packed although some of the steam has gone out of that sail for me due to the uncertain flight situation..I will finish up tomorrow with laundry and whatever else needs done.  And definitely have a glass or two of wine with dinner tonight, which likely will improve my mood.  This will likely be my last post until mid-June.  Just do me a favor and cross all your fingers and toes for me that we get to Greece relatively unscathed!


  1. Wonderful that you got to visit with Jane! I know I'd have a great time with you both. I'll cross my fingers for your trip starting on time with uneventful travels-save the adventure for Greece istelf.

  2. Congratulations on hitting your goals, both with walking and with losing weight.

    I am sure that BA will get things sorted out by the time you are ready to go. We had a similar problem when 9/11 happened, we were scheduled to fly on 11/11 and that ended up being the day that they started to let planes back in the air so they rescheduled our flight for the next day and we didn't have any problems and that was even more wide spread than just one airline.

    Hoping all goes as planned. Have fun and look forward to your updates of the trip.

  3. Everything crossed and best wishes sent you way for a timely and uneventful flight!

  4. I would expect that the airline problems will have settled out by the time you leave. (Here's hoping I'm right!) It sounds like your days leading up to your trip have been wonderful.

  5. Fingers and toes crossed here for you! Everything will be fine. You will have a fantastic trip! Bon voyage!

  6. All ten digits crossed. Ouch to the hornet sting and huge kudos for still managing the 70,000 steps. we leave Saturday and I haven't walked more than 3000 steps in over a week due to my sore knee. I plan to take it around the block a few times today. Will be thinking of you on your trip. I am going to post while we are away if I find the time.

  7. You're the first person I thought of when I saw the news! You'll be fine. I think the backlog is pretty much sorted now - just lost luggage, inconvenient but not the end of the world.
    Have a wonderful time and I cannot wait to see photos! xxxx

  8. Such a nerve wracking way to start a trip but I know you are now basking in the gorgeous Greek sunlight :) Hope the rest of the trip goes as planned and you have lots to tell us about when you get back home.

  9. By now I'm sure you will have arrived at your destination so enjoy. And huge kudos for the 70,000 steps in a week. I really struggle to do 10,000 a day so well done. Anna

  10. I am a regular reader of Jane's blog. She has a very interesting style of writing. Hope your journey will be fine. I am using an app on the phone to count the steps. Really nice to see the counts on the app.