Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Budget Results

June Grocery Budget 
$425 - Actual Spent was $472.37.  Over again!

Includes all over the counter medications, personal grooming items, soaps, cleaners and household items for two adults who eat at home 99% of the time.

Previous 2013 year to date overage $85.44 plus this month's overage $47.37= $132.81 year to date overage.  It doesn't sound bad but is based on being off budget the last three months in a row.  Half the year is done now and hopefully I will figure out new ways to tighten the belt this month to keep a lid on rising grocery costs.  I used to carry over the overage to reduce next month's budget but am finding that too disheartening so instead am starting with a clean slate each month and hopefully will find some months lower to reduce the year to date overage instead.

Coupons used  - $9.97 plus $60 Shoppers Drug Mart Redemption in free groceries

I still have loads of poultry in the form of chicken breasts,  legs and a turkey left in the freezer.  I finally ran out of ham this month from the gigantic one bought several months ago.  I will look for another as it was great to have many small pieces in the fridge for breakfasts and pizzas.  I stocked up on pork this month so should not have to buy any at all as have chops, ribs, smokies and bacon.  There is still a small amount of fish left as well.  We love meat on the BBQ and last night I spent 45 minutes slowly grilling chicken legs at a low temperature (I have the patience for chicken on the grill, hubby does not) and it was fantastic.  We have splurged recently on cherries ($2.99 a pound is the cheapest we ever see here) and a watermelon, trying to stick with healthy snack options.  We had the company of my stepson for a week this month but also hubby was away for a week so really there were not many extra groceries bought.  While he was away I made a crock pot soup that I ate for three days and splurged making a pizza that was eaten for two more.  We ran out of rice after buying 8 kg several months ago so am buying another large bag this week although last time I bought it it was $8 and now it is $12.  Even though higher it still saves money off of buying small packs so is worth it and I will look for a sale on these bags in future so that I can stockpile knowing how long it takes to use up.

I was going to save up my Shoppers Drug Mart points for later in the year but then realized it makes more sense to stay on budget now so redeemed them mainly for expensive non-food items like garbage bags, over the counter medications and toiletries.

Hair Budget
Annual budget $250 - Left in Budget $173.38
Zero spent this month  I need to get a haircut soon so likely will be going in this week before I get too shaggy.  I am doing so much better on the hair budget this year than last year.

Clothing Budget
Annual Budget $200 - $158.28 left

I bought one pair of jeans this month at a thrift store for $5.75.  I still find it amazing what high quality used clothing is out there if you look for it.  These were practically brand new and will last years.

Remainder of clothing budget for rest of year is $152.53.  I find it startling that even on a very small clothing budget based on buying all clothes except undergarments used that there is still 3/4 of the budget left!  There are a few things I cannot find on the secondary market like a swimsuit pullover that  I may have to buy new at some point.

Although hubby's clothing budget is much higher than mine (my choice) due to having to buy suits and dress shirts for our business he is still open to the concept of used clothing.  I now have him addicted to going to garage sales and he recently found two like-new outdoor jackets for $5 each, one of which I was able to wash and the other we dry cleaned for $8.  They are easily worth $150.

Christmas 2013
I have a sealed pot (part of SFT's Life After Mortgage savings plan) that each week extra money I can find goes into the pot to help towards Christmas 2013.  She is up to 99 people who have joined in and you are still welcome to you if you wish - be sure to pop by her blog as the current savings pots are to be opened the first week of December.  There was too much money in our pot so it was emptied this week and $400 was put into the bank!  December will be way easier this year based on saving all year round for it.  I also have $75 in amazon GCs from Swagbucks that will also be used for gifts (referral link if you want to join - get points by doing daily poll, watching videos, playing games).

Losing Weight Challenge
Starting weight June 1, 2013 = 150 lbs.  Weight today?  145.6!  Woohoo!  I lost 4.4 pounds!  We quit eating bread this month which at first was really difficult but now is not missed.  We are only reducing carbs, not cutting them out of our diet and still eat wheat based products like oatmeal and homemade pizza crust along with a small amount of pasta  - but as carbs are generally calorie high the less we eat the better.  The rest of our diet has not changed a huge amount other than eating more veggies and fruit at each meal.  We are now working out at our local recreation centre and hopefully this method of slow weight loss will work.  These were likely the easiest pounds to lose as I expect the next five to be the hardest.

We paid all of the big bills this month like car and house insurance, paid in full on credit card to get the points and to pay no interest.  Then funds were immediately transferred to the credit cards to pay them off.  House taxes were paid in full for another year as well.  Thank goodness we plan for these things and had the money in the bank to pay them off.

June was a grey weather month here, but as of yesterday the weather has officially changed and the forecast is for seven days of pure sunshine so more time will be spent at the beach.

For my fellow Canadians,  Happy July 1st Canada Day!!  I hope everyone spends the day with their loved ones relaxing and having fun.



    Lots of great news in your monthly update!

    Especially about clothes and hair budgets (I did smile at you going shaggy!).

    Love that you have converted Mr CC to garage sales too.

    I need to get back on the weight loss challenge too.

    Thanks for inspiring me with that too.

    And of course for the SEALED POT shout out.

    Have a great week!

    Sft x

    1. Hubby is so addicted to garage sales now every Saturday morning he is all ready to go - even if I have other plans!

  2. Congrats on the great weight loss results! You are doing really well. Tough going on the food budget but the main thing is that you are eating healthily - maybe it's time to up the budget amount?
    Judy xx

    1. Thanks. We are eating healthier, lots and lots of veggies. I hate to increase the budget as just increased it by $25 a month a few months ago. I will keep trying.

  3. IMO, you shouldn't carry your loss over with food. You have to eat so I think as long as you are doing the best as you can (within reason), that's all you can do!

    I spent 18 bucks on a haircut because I have a job interview but will again color myself tomorrow. We spent less on food than I thought last week because TBG was in the hospital with me at his side. I starved so maybe my weight went down? I have to add my receipts and get myself back in the pool.

    I am going to buy a turkey breast this week and roast it so we have it for sandwich meat. That is healthier than cold cuts -- just more work!

    1. I am thinking about roasting the whole turkey in our freezer for a change but now the weather is so hot don't want to heat up the house. I wish I could get turkey breast cheaply here - will have to look out for it.

  4. I think anything under $500 for groceries, cleaning supplies, pet food , etc is great. It's really hard to stay under budget with prices these days. Congrats on the weight loss! I lost a few during the move, but gained them back because we've been buying take-out too much.
    Happy Canada Day! I can't believe it's July 1st already!

    1. It is so so hard to stay under budget - I am trying really hard not to be so hard on myself about it but take pride on trying to cook well balanced tasty meals on a budget - I just have to keep trying.