Friday, September 21, 2012

Recent Thrifting Finds & Found Money Jar


Where I got the idea from Pinterest (no, I am not going to start doing masses of Pinterest Posts, forgive me for this one)

I really am looking to find a group of these old wine bottles as I love glass and see them as art. Although we have a much smaller house I have space above my cupboards to group them. This one was 50 cents found at Bibles for Missions Thrift. Some would have left the dusty old crumbly wrapping and label, not me, I love the glass bit. This bottle was imported from London in 1947 according to the label. A little bit pirate looking.
Another recent thrifting find was this fabulous tray for $2.99 we found at Value Village. I almost never find anything there other than clothes but hubby was there buying some T-shirts (yes, he is now buys the odd piece of clothing used - finally converted) and we both agreed it had to come home with us.

The glass vase/candle holder was purchased about seven years ago at Homesense( with a gift certificate). It is one of the few things that got a little crack in the move but due to the pattern on the outside it is unnoticeable and until it falls apart I am keeping it.

Finally, one of my favorite bloggers The Non-consumer Advocate recently blogged about her found money jar. Whenever she finds money she stashes it away for a rainy day. I was inspired and am doing the same although I have found only .70 this summer. 20 cents was found on the beach, 25 cents on the sidewalk and my last quarter was because someone was too lazy to push a shopping cart two more feet to retrieve the deposit after shopping. Their loss, my gain. Likely next Spring I will empty it and go on a garage sale shopping spree - maybe some books? Cheers!


  1. Great bargains. I got myself some Kumfs brand shoes, look almost brand new, for $10 from our local 2nd hand shop plus 2, prs of pants for $4 each. very happy with my bargains.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I read all your posts with anticipation. Its so nice to read a fellow BC blogger.

    1. Hi Joy, I love your blog and follow it each week!

  3. What a beautiful bottle, much better without the label.

    We have a sealed pot to put extra (I laugh at that) coins in. Will be opening it on Dec 2nd!

    Sft x

    1. Please be sure to share your results! I hope to get a slightly larger bottle next time.