Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nature Day

This week hubby was out of town so I drove to hang out with my Mom for two days.

Meet the Pacific tree frog. This particular guy has been residing in my mothers hanging pot on her porch. She found him while watering her plants and he seems to come back every three days or so. Pretty amazing as I didn't even know we had tree frogs until she pointed him out to me.

She also has deer that visit her little patch almost daily. This doe had twins, and seems to have picked up a third fawn along the way. Sorry for the poor photo but they ran away before I could get a decent picture. We are not sure if the doe was babysitting or perhaps recently adopted herself a third baby.

Many spiders reside on Vancouver Island, primarily because of our moderate climate. Most are completely harmless and in this case, completely beautiful. I still prefer to find them outside versus inside though.

It was a great couple of days. I took my time on the way back stopping in at farm markets and thrift stores. My next post is a thrift store find!


  1. Great photo of your tree frog. We have frogs, deer and spiders visit us regularly. The deer shriek at night and always run too fast for a photo.

  2. I hate frogs with a passion. You would have heard me screaming blue bloody murder all the way home, if I had seen it. Love the photo of the deer, that's neat they come so close to the house.


  3. That Tree Frog is beautiful, what a beautiful green.

    Thanks for sharing the nature around.

    Looking forward to your thrift shop finds.

    Sft x