Thursday, June 7, 2012

Officially Now You Can Call Me An Islander

I am typing this blog post from hubby's iPad as that is the only Internet I have for a couple of days. I made it safely to the Island and the worst part of the trip was navigating traffic in Vancouver, go figure.

Life has been busy unpacking, changing addresses and buying groceries. I had a night visitor the first night which I was sure was an intruder (yes we have an alarm) but turned out to be the neighbors cat scratching at the patio door. I scared him more than he scared me, and the next morning he came stalking across the lawn but split the second the patio door was opened. I like cats and hope to make friends with him as hubby is allergic so we can't actually have one.

They call British Columbia lotus land for a reason - especially Vancouver Island. Flowers are in full bloom including my front flower bed and I saw a doe and baby deer yesterday fifty feet from where we pick up mail. There is a large amount of weeds in my flower bed too, but I have to figure out garbage and lawn recycling before I can get to that. For today the giant thistle lives.

Next project on the agenda is priming our bedroom so we can paint the pink out. I will have some fabulous photos soon, but for now our iPad 3G is not cooperatingso only words today.


  1. Welcome to the Island. Glad you made the trip safely. New lifestyle.

  2. oh wow, congrats! i love cats too, as long as they don't bring their fleas inside. ha ha
    You just need to grow a little catnip by the backdoor... :)

  3. So glad you made it! Looking forward to photos!