Monday, June 4, 2012

Half-way to Home-Day 1 of the Road Trip

Next on the cover of "Canadian Bear Vogue"

Today I drove 911 kilometres (566 miles) or 10.5 bum numbing hours through several national parks(Jasper Park, Mount Robson Park and Wells Gray Park).

Live animals seen: One deer, two mountain sheep, four elk, one bunny and three brown bears.

One of the elk and three of the bears even posed for photos.

No, I was not two feet away from the bears when taking these - I would rather not be an appetizer for furry creatures. Thanks to my telephoto lens I was able to pull my car to within 50 feet of them. There was a large cement divider between us. Bears are known for being the fastest tree climbers but not so much for pole vaulting.

The mountains were not bad either, although the weather was a bit hazy but these give the gist of at least of eight of the hours.

And, no cellular service for seven of these hours and little radio (no, I am too cheap for satellite radio). Just me, a little Journey, U2, Kansas, and the Outfield and the creatures. The price of gas was much scarier than the dandelion eating bears, by the way.

Tommorrow, driving over another piece of the Rocky mountains, navigating around Vancouver, the ferry and our new home!!


  1. That was a LOT of driving for one day by yourself. Good for you getting so far on your journey to your new home. Safe journey for the rest of your trip.

  2. Wow, What lovely scenery. How exciting for you. Fresh beginings. Best of luck.

  3. Too funny that you drove this route today. I was telling my dh about your blog and how similar our paths are, as we've made the decision to move from the Park to Salt Spring Island. And today, we came back from SSI, via Vancouver, thru Jasper to Edmonton, a 12 hour trip and like you, no cell phone service for the longest time. We must have passed along the way. We were on the side of the road with only a few cars here and there - going west seemed very busy! And we only saw one elk, one deer and one ram.

    Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your journey goes. Safe travels!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Can't believe it's a year since we were in that area, such happy memories :)

  5. What a gorgeous roadtrip! Who needs satellite when you have views like these?!

    Enjoy the next portion of the trip!:-)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So happy the highway journey went well. So beautiful but those bears!!!! Great photos.

    Can't wait for all your posts about your new life!

    Sft x

  7. I do so miss the Rockies! I lived in Calgary for a while back in the late '70's and I would JUMP out of bed each morning to make sure they were still there! I once ran after a bear to get a photo in Jasper Park. I was much younger then...and much more foolish!