Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Reason To Go Thrifting

With our recent change of plans I now need to leave enough kitchen utensils behind in the Alberta home so what would a frugal person do? Go thrifting!

Five Anchor Hocking milk glass plates. These will be used when we get to town for family celebrations. These were purchased for .99 cents each at Goodwill. These are not the true vintage ones - based on the marking I am guessing they are 1980s, and may or may not have had the gold edging (I googled and cannot find any exactly alike without the gold edging). If it had gold edging all is gone so it looks like they were meant to be just basic white glass plates. Total $4.95

Next I hit up Salvation Army and managed to score one stainless steel pot - I have enough other pots already but needed one this size - $4.50.

I also bought four Corelle plates and two saucers. These are virtually indestructible and will be the boys every day plates(we already own Corelle plates that we use every day that I am taking to the Comox house). $2.99

Next, on to a garage sale in my neighborhood. This was a stop on a whim, but I managed to score both for .25 cents

Frying pan .15. Not in pristine condition but the boys could care less. A few scratches and I am sure they will add a few more.

Snoopy mug - for resale in my future Etsy store or flea market. Gigantic purchase price? 10 cents. I was totally in love with Snoopy and Woodstock as a kid. I owned a stuffed snoopy and also had a red baron flying house, the kind that was one of the original remote control ones with the wire that made snoopy go round and round. If this little mug was a bit bigger I would keep it for myself but I like a gigantic mug for tea or coffee. This appears never to have been used. No chips, no stains, and was made in Japan.

This Canadian long weekend (Victoria Day on Monday) is being spent packing and organizing, and tonight smokies on the BBQ and corn on the cob. I hope you have a great time this weekend wherever you are!

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  1. I love the Snoopy mug and would find it hard to let it go!

  2. Me too - love the Snoopy mug!!

  3. I'm a huge Snoopy fan, too, and had a stuffed Snoopy and outfits to dress him in, including a Santa outfit. Love that cute Snoopy mug!

  4. Great finds and cheap too!!! Love those milk glass plates and of course Snoopy!