Monday, May 21, 2012

Guilty Pleasures - FREE

I don't spend a lot of time trying for freebies, mostly because in Canada there are some - but they are few and far between. Here are two programs that I participate in:

Swagbucks - available in many countries, simply use their search engine and gain swagbucks. I turn these Swagbucks into gift certificates and save them up for Christmas. Right now I have $30.00 in credits. I like Swagbucks because you can participate as much or as little as you wish. The secret is take their daily poll for one Swagbuck and search at least 3 times per day and you will end up with another 7-10 Swagbucks per day. I have little time for this so choose the easy way. Minimum take $5 to $10 in GCS per month. Canadians are very limited on their GC choices but if you are American your choices are much wider. Last year I ordered a book written by a friend of mine as well as a large box of Keurig coffee - both 100% free just for using their website. If you are worried about spam from them - don't. They only send you about one email a month about upcoming promotions. I have used their website for three years now and will definitely keep up as it makes it much easier on the pocketbook come Christmas time.

The second is If you live in the USA you could go to

Although I generally only buy no name pop with four teens in and out of our house we often find Coke bottles gracing our recycle bin - check those liners! I got a full year subscription to Country Living magazine this way - my favorite guilty pleasure of late.

What are your favorite freebies?


  1. In the US, I use for my freebies. I got Country Living this time and get a mag for my grandson I also get free 12 pack cans of Coke. My CL offer came with a cute tote bag.Sometimes, I send the coke coupon to my daughter and her children just to help her out with finances/treats. It's not much, but they do use the coupons.

    When I stop to get gas, I take a peek into the trash can. Other drinks other than Cokes are good here for liners.

  2. Just catching up with your posts.

    I think you have totally made the right decision about your Alberta house. As you say, frugal living give you more choices in life.

    Your thrifting finds are great. I hope the Snoopy mug sells really well.

    Sft x

  3. I use Swagbuck and love it. Not enough 'coke' drank in my home to use those rewards. Oh and have you given any thought to removing the word verification off your comments? Most bloggers hate it and won't leave comments on blogs with that. Big hugs, Linda

  4. Free Country Living magazines? You are talking my language. :) I have never heard of these rewards before. I always assume we don't get anything free in Canada! ;) Thanks!