Monday, May 7, 2012

Frugal Stress Relievers

I officially have 18 days of work left. I fired myself on Friday putting my employer on notice that June 1 is my last day of work. They were very surprised but supportive. The next four weeks will zip by and I am on a mission to purge at least one item a day by either selling it, giving it away or throwing it out. Yesterday I gave away an old street hockey net the kids quit using four years ago and today a small 13 inch colour tube tv. Tommorrow I am dropping off old glasses to the optometrist who gathers them up for distribution in third world countries.

This week is what you could call "a little stressful". Without getting into the dark details hubby and I have been coping in our own frugal ways and thought we would share some ideas:

1. Exercize: Take a walk, bike or use that old exercize equipment you own.

2. Read - I find I cannot think of anything else when reading a book so find this a stress relieving activity.

3. Hang out with your pets. They are soothing and although they do not understand the stress they tend to be empathetic (even our hamster soothes us) plus they are so darn cute. I am sure your dog would be more than happy to chase after the ball if you would just throw it or take him for a walk.

4. Do brainless work ie: hubby took to painting our wheelbarrow, I took to cleaning the hamster cage and finding items to purge in our downsize.

5. Get up at a normal time, do normal routine things. Sometimes when stressed it is easy to ditch your routine but routine can be comforting.

6. Poke yourself, remember all the good things in your life and consider: Any day above ground versus below ground is a good one - you woke up today, it has got to be a good day as that was a step in the right direction.

Any other ideas?


  1. I clean and organize whenever I feel stressed. One thing I do, is collect brown paper packing material and boxes. One thing I often do is cut the tops/flaps off them and then put them in drawers and closets and re-organize my clothes or shoes in them. It seems I always need to go back through my drawers and re-fold stuff. I also organize my bits of paper and use ink stamps, etc. on them to make them ready for gift wrap. I also glue decorative paper/scraps to the inside of envelopes or do weird things to make stationery.

    IOW, I craft and clean -- but only if I can cleanly and cheaply craft. Because cleaning is the best de-stresser. As you can tell, I've been stressed at many points in life to have coping mechanisms like this...

  2. Gosh, I also have to add that now that I am in a small house, I don't collect anything and my house doesn't take as long to clean -- but I also have way less stress, so I don't have to de-stress!

  3. Yes, we are in the same boat, need to unload big expensive house to move to nice small inexpensive house for less stressful life.