Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night On The Pond

Springtime on the pond in Alberta - these pictures were taken this evening around 730pm on the ponds that our house views. The ice came off the pond yesterday and the birds are back!

Two boy red winged blackbirds trying to turn the girl redwinged blackbird's head. Lots of song and dance, lots of tetosterone. The girl is at the top with the boys on either side vying for attention. One night I will shoot a video so you can hear them sing - they sound wonderful.

The Northern Pelicans are back - they just landed this morning, I spotted them on the way to work. Five so far, last year we had a group of thirteen who stayed through the summer.

Ducks, Canadian Geese, Northern Pelicans, Red Winged Blackbirds, the gang is all here.


  1. What beautiful photos! We saw some red winged blackbirds at the pond recently but I could never get a good photo of the red in their wings! Great job!

  2. How wonderful! I LOVE birds and have never heard of red winged black birds. Our males are just black with a bright yellowy orange beak. Our females are dark brown.

    Love the Northern Pelicans too.

    Canada Geese (as we know them) were introduced to the UK centuries ago and strong numbers are always seen on lakes.

    Sft x