Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Little Bit Helps

Today is Earth Day. This morning after breakfast myself and my 14 yr old stepdaughter and 16 yr old stepson picked a whole bag of garbage up from the public path that goes beside and behind our home while hubby stayed back to do the dishes. Although legally, our County is responsible for keeping the area clean with the recent warm up and snow melt winter's garbage left behind is now apparent and it was time to clean it up. Part of it is from ignorant people throwing cigarette buts and coffee cups away, part is due to the fact that we have mandatory recycling and high winter winds unfortunately blew a bit of the neighborhoods paper recycling all over the wetland.

10 Minutes and one full bag of garbage. Our view, the pathway and wetland look better and the birds can have a cleaner pond.

What can you do? Anything - everything. Pick some garbage up, reduce consumption, recycle. Kind of like breathing - easy.


  1. I am always appalled that people drop their trash. When I used to swim my Border Collie, she liked to swim out into the current and then do a long swim parallel to the shore. I'd walk along with a garbage bag and pick up trash along the way. I do draw the line at certain "feminine" applicators -- but that just underscores the importance of not using the plastic version of those things! I still pick up trash when I swim my golden, but have to spend more time tossing. But it's a good time to help the earth a little, and if I'm with my dog, I have to have a bag with me anyway!

  2. My sentiments exactly. When we get to live in our home at Comox by the Ocean I will do the same thing, even more important now that the Japanese Tsunami trash is being deposited on Vancouver Island's shores.

  3. I can't stand littering, it's so unnecessary!! I will have to go out and pick up some rubbish :)