Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our New Island Home

Curious Vancouver Island Seal - Taken Fall 2010

Tommorrow we fly off to take possession of our new home on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately it won't be our main home for a few more months while we sort out selling our old home in Alberta. We are spending five days there setting up housekeeping.

All basic living necessities have been crammed in our suitcases (and no, I am not paying for extra luggage - it weights 49 lbs of the 50 allowed - I weighed it!) including bedding and pots, pans and dishes necessary to survive in our new home. It will be a bit like camping - with a blow up Coleman airbed. We hope to find the perfect patio set - and will use it in our kitchen until the furniture can be shipped out. Our intent is not to purchase any item we already own or will not use down the road. The airbed will be used for company after the move is complete. If the house has not sold by the end of May I will move out and continue this minimalist lifestyle until hubby can join when the Alberta house sells. One of the only things I had to buy a duplicate of is a can opener - a necessity in both homes - purchased at the dollar store.

Wish us luck. A lot of planning has taken place to pull this off - much harder when you are currently living a Province away. I hope to post at some point (if I can pry the Ipad out of hubbys hands) while we are there.


  1. Good luck, sounds like an adventure to me!

  2. Can't wait to hear the next part of your adventure!

    Good luck but I think you are making your own luck!

    Sft x