Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a Girl Wants - Thrift Store Share

Funny how I want little to nothing for Christmas (family is having a hard time buying gifts for me this Christmas - giftcards are likely the way they are going) and the second I enter Goodwill I find a multitude of loveliness to bring home. Things I bought - under the understanding they are specifically for my new home. I promise to purge 3x the equivalent of stuff I currently own:

1. Two Metal decorative plant hangers - .49 cents each. I am certain they were only there as out of season and people were having a hard time figuring out what they were (I stood there for one minute turning them around until I figured it out which way they went)

2. Small Mexican blown glass vase .49. Can't you see a small bunch of yellow flowers in it? It is only about 3 inches high.

My total today $1.47. These will be packed away in a box for our new home....don't tell hubby.

What I regret not buying - seen for .49 cents each - four Andy Warhol plastic butterfly plates - as seen on Ebay for minimum $16.99 for the four. I might buy these for resale at my Mothers flea market if they are still there tommorrow.

Can you see a theme here? All summertime Island living related items. Where do you think my mind is at? Possession date of new home - March 29th, 2012. Four months less a day......

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