Monday, November 28, 2011

The Decorating Marches On - and Wreath Massacre II

Well, this weekend was a frenzy of activity:
1. Put up Christmas tree - minus ornaments waiting for kids to come over Friday to decorate
2. Decorate mantle with fake greenery and Christmas Balls
3. A small amount of speed Christmas shopping took place
4. Daily feeding and stirring of my yeast for friendship loaf
5. Put up lights on pine tree in front of house and two lit small trees that go either side of garage
6. Attended a work related Christmas Party without buying anything new to wear (Yay! No cooking night!)

We had yet another windstorm this week with Hurricane force winds a few hours from here in Calgary - this is the aftermath of the much smaller winds we had here: Remember the wreath that got blown off my front door last week that was carefully glued back together? Well, nature finished it off this weekend - one less piece of Christmas crap I have to worry about downsizing. I saved the bow and a few pinecones and red pieces for some future wreath but had to toss the rest. No, there will be no new wreath purchased for my door this Christmas - I think I am just going to put the bow back up.

I still have to start my Christmas cards and have yet to do any wrapping but am finally feeling like I have a better handle on Christmas plans than I did a few days ago.

I did sneak into Sally Ann this weekend and bought a loaf pan as needed another for Saturday when my friendship loaves are ready to bake. $1.99.

I have done a lot of thinking and next year the "no more Christmas crap campaign" will change. I love lights and we are sorely short on them for exterior decorating. Next years campaign will be to buy"only used Christmas Crap". I still see no need to ever buy new wrapping again as can easily collect bows, packing paper and boxes for that purpose throughout the year. There are about 200 Christmas cards that Ipurchased several years ago for .97 cents (original price $16.99 a box)still awaiting use so will have to see how long I can stretch those.

And finally,yes that is a fake $40 Walmart Christmas tree, purchased two years ago on sale when I cut myself on our 20 year old ancient fake tree. I love real trees but hate the idea of cutting down a tree for the purpose of decoration. Maybe down the road I can look at a live option like a small potted cedar. For now our fake wally tree it is.

How are your Christmas plans coming?


  1. Everything looks beautiful except for the wreath. I like the placement of your tree. When walking down the stairway you can peek over the railing and see what Santa left under the tree.❤

  2. Thanks! The tree placement is also facing our bay windows looking out onto a public walkway by the ponds, so anyone walking their dogs can see the lights too!