Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to Start Thinking About Christmas!

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We are almost two months away from Christmas - time to start thinking about the Christmas Budget. This year Hubby and I are spending about half of what we normally do on each other and saving the rest for our move. We are planning on spending the same amount as in the past for family: two widowed mothers, four kids, and three nephews.

This year my intent is to simplify Christmas and continue year two of the "No More Christmas Crap" way of living.

Last year I realized I had far too much of everything Christmas. You may be interested in reading the original post here. That means in the next three weeks I hope to cut my Christmas crap down by half and donate the rest to Goodwill or Salvation Army (just before Christmas when they can easily sell this stuff).

The "Buy No More Christmas Crap" rules:
1. Use up what I have
2. Recycle (I went through the after-Christmas wrapper trash last year and separated re-usable bows and sparklies and have been saving bags, bows and ribbons all year that enter the house on other gifts or wrapping)
3. Get creative when I run low or run out by using alternatives we already have.

This morning I had some serious energy to purge so gathered together together some items to give away:

Christmas stocking and extra tree skirt
Box of miscellaneous items and a couple more Halloween Decorations
Bag of clothes and extra blankets

Our families love movies so I ordered eight movie passes for Cineplex Odeon using some Aeroplan points that a pair each will be added to the kids stockings. They have not arrived yet but I am confident they will be here by December.

Do you need to order some goodies for Christmas using points or freebies? Time to order now!

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