Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tales of a Wonderful Thrift Store Afternoon

My friend and I have a mutual love of thrifting. We met up Saturday for bargain hunting and lunch. It was a wonderful sunny fall day and we visted four different stores near where she lives (ones I normally don't go to).

My finds:
Two glass apothecary jars - that go absolutely perfect in the bathroom. Cost? $3 for both

Three Shirts:
Sweater and a tank that had never been worn and still had the $19.99 price tag on it.
Green Sweater (Reitmans) $5.99
Red Sweater(Dalia Brand) $5.99
Black tank (Northern Reflections) $3.99

My friend also had a great thrifting day: Blue navy felt coat $15.99, tablecloth that will be a gift to her sister $4.99, black leather pumps $19.99 (a bit steep but they were Guess), a brown set of pumps $4.99, handmade mittens .99. Unfortunately no pictures of her finds as did not take the camera.

In turn (as more must go out of the house as come in until we move) I gifted her three pots for her balcony. She gave me a bottle of red wine (she is unable too drink for five years as is taking medication for her post-cancer treatment that may damage her kidneys if she drinks) that she has had in her cupboard for a long time and some bacon some friends she had over recently left in her fridge as she is a vegan.

She also has agreed to take five more blue pots that we figured out she will have room for on my next visit.

Hubby sold one more item this weekend for the Vancouver Island furniture fund:

Trailer dolly $40. Total in the fund now $865.

My clothing tally for the year is now at
$152.07 for new items
$173.95 for used items
Total $325.02. I have decided to cap it at $400 for the year. It is nice to know that I can have a really nice wardrobe on very little. A lot of what I am buying now will be used for at least the next year so the first six months of no work I should be required to buy very little in clothing.

Our earliest move date would likely be March if the house sells immediately so that gives me five months to complete the downsize. It seems to be going rather well-we just have to keep the momentum going.

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