Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out with the Old, In With The New (Thrift Find)

There is a Goodwill Thrift Store located within 2 blocks of my workplace and I often venture there on my short 45 minute lunch break. Today I had to drop off these (placemats and tablecloths from my Thanksgiving Post)

and bought this:

Duncan Hines Dessert Book (6th Printing 1966, original printing 1955)

I collect pre 1970 cookbooks and have a very nice small collection including a late 1800s cook book valued at $200 (purchased when I worked in a used and rare bookstore), early Betty Crockers and many a leaflet from the 1950s. Purchase price? $2.49. Not a steal but a bargain to me (consider that there are no garage sales here for 8 months out of the year so am subject to thrift store prices).

I love the simplicity of the recipes:
Macaroon Pie Crust? Egg White, Sugar, light corn syrup, vanilla and coconut
Creme Brulee? light cream, egg yolks, white sugar, brown sugar. Who knew creme brulee could be so easy. I am inspired!

Most of them don't even include Duncan Hines products - and there is a large section on frosting - obviously before Duncan Hines got into the frosting game.

Another great thrifting blog you should check out is Apron Thrift Girl which I posted a previous thrift find(shoes - by Cheapchick) on her Thrift Share Monday. I found a bunch of other great thrifting blogs there - check it out.

I took along my new work friend who has a love of thrift as well and we decided a girls day of thrifting with lunch is required and have made plans for this weekend.

I know, I am not supposted to be buying crap because we are moving - but loads more is leaving the house than coming in, and a girl has to live!

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  1. I collect vintage cookbooks (mostly pre-1970 with a few exceptions)too. It is fascinating to see the changes in what people tend to eat at different times and the differences in technique. Most of these books were thrifted, of course!