Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Grocery Tally and Coupons Used

Septembers Budget was $450.00 minus 46.03 over from August = $403.97

Actual: $423.09 ($19.12 over budget)

Coupons Used: $83.53 - my highest month to date (Year to date $418.12)

Octobers Grocery Budget will be based on my new Thrifty Plan
$426.57 (see more on Thrifty Plan Guidelines here) minus $19.12 overage from September = $407.45.

This month I went over budget on purpose in the last week. Why? Great sales on produce with sales ending on September 30th. I would rather go a little bit over than pay twice as much for the same item the next week - that is the major benefit of carrying the overage from one month to the next. My overspend never gets out of control.

We have been cooking from scratch this week more, on Thursday was ground Turkey (that had been sitting in the freezer for several months) chili and baking powder biscuits. It turned out really good and we have a frozen batch for some future dinner when we don't feel like cooking. My chili is always a mish-mash of whatever is in the fridge. Leftover salsa, that last bit of barbeque sauce, some pasta or rice, and always tons of chili powder.

I scored one food product for free this week at Sobeys

$1.99 minus $2 coupon (no tax on food products in Alberta)= free plus 1 cent to apply to other groceries.

I found a great deal on gum at Rexall. They must have been selling off older stock - I wonder if gum expires?

4 packages for .16 each (photo shows 3 as husband stole one before I could take a picture) plus tax .68 cents (for 80 pieces of gum)

We also listed a few items for sale on Kijiji. One sold last night:

4 year old Costco Patio set (that was starting to chip pieces off the top as I am certain these were not meant for our harsh winters)
Sold for $400 - that goes straight into the Vancouver Island Furniture Fund(for anything we sell here that we have to buy there - is much cheaper than shipping an 800 pound patio set)

Things are starting to leave the house - selling things makes me feel like we are moving in the right direction. The patio actually looks much larger now that the set is gone and will likely show better when we sell.

Here is a shot I took a few weeks ago at sunrise. Seagulls flying high in the pink puffy clouds. Cheers everyone!

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