Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freebies and First Ever Used Shoe Deal

Yesterday, I crossed a line never ventured. Yes, before yesterday I was a used shoe virgin. My thought? Wash it thoroughly and all memories of the prior owner will be washed away. But shoes? If you have ever gone bowling and rented shoes or rented skates at your local skating arena, you probably would be ok with buying used shoes.

Here is my find: $4.99 Bianca Nygard Shoes - likely original price was $60-$100 CAD. One rockin pair of fall shoes (thoroughly disinfected - part of my problem with buying used shoes in the past has been the heebeejeebee factor). Comfortable, all leather and fashionable. Appear to have only been worn once or twice.

Also some freebies this week so far:


  1. I crossed that line with a pair of vintage silver lame shoes and in the last six months I have had some great luck in this area. I posted about Nygard clothes yesterday.

  2. Yes, once the line was down now I am eyeing up all kinds of used shoes. Thanks for commenting!